Nokia Teams with Smartlabs to Launch Nokia Smart Lighting

Smartlabs, a manufacturer of lighting and electrical control solutions, has partnered with the global electronics company Nokia to introduce Nokia Smart Lighting.

This new Nokia product line provides homeowners with a suite of IoT (Internet of things) and electrical control products that Smartlabs and Nokia state provide simplicity to the lighting control category.

“One of our focus areas in brand licensing is smart home connected devices, and we are excited to bring the first Nokia Smart Lighting products to market with Smartlabs, a technology leader in smart lighting control,” says Vipul Mehrotra, vice president, Nokia Brand Partnerships.

“This complete line of innovative, versatile and easy-to-use smart lighting devices reflects Nokia’s commitment to using technology to positively impact people’s everyday experience, including enabling effective energy management.”

Nokia Smart Lighting Brings European Style to American Homeowners

According to Nokia, its new smart lighting product line offers users clean, modern aesthetics, but they retain the classic elements that people expect from lighting devices. Nokia notes the products incorporate soft-touch haptics to provide an “elegant feel and quiet operation,” and design touches that include screwless wall plates and matte finishes.

“We understand that every home is different, so we’ve created the new Nokia Smart Lighting products to complement any style of home and make smart lighting easy for everyone to enjoy. The line is designed to work with any fixture, any bulb, and wiring configuration, and you can control the system by touch, voice, phone or tablet,” comments Rob Lilleness, chairman and chief executive officer, Smartlabs.

“These new products enhance one’s home with beautiful lighting, whether creating a mood for a dinner party or automatically turning on the staircase lights for the morning—its lighting that improves life.”

The Nokia Smart Lighting product line features the Paddle and Dial switches, as well as a four-button, multi-function keypad, an outlet, and the company’s Bridge device. The company says this product line offers versatility to support the upgrade of traditional lighting products in new and existing homes, regardless of fixtures, wiring and floor plans.

A key point that Nokia emphasizes with the product line is that unlike other wireless lighting systems, its new Smart Lighting product line incorporates a dual-mesh network. This dual-mesh network employs radio frequency (RF) and powerline technologies that work even if a home’s Wi-Fi network goes down.

Nokia adds that beyond the increased reliability that its dual-mesh network approach brings to the lighting category, the use of these technologies also offers increased network range without signal interruption when compared to other connectivity solutions.

Moreover, the Nokia Smart Lighting’s dual-mesh network also supports the ability of dealers or homeowners to scale their lighting system through the products’ inclusion of signal repeaters to minimize or eliminate connectivity latency and bottlenecks that could happen when a device fails in a routed network.

The product line ranges in price from $39.99 to $59.99 per device.

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