The World’s First Releasable Tie that Actually Works

RETYZ revolutionary patented design was developed for a specific need from an industry leader in the aerospace industry. This need was twofold. The tie had to be cinched tight around cable bundles while also being quickly released with no tools. Traditional releasable ties are nearly impossible to remove once cinched tight. Workers ended up cutting away these ties, which can damage the cable bundles, potentially causing millions of dollars’ worth of damage over time. Working closely with the client, RETYZ listened to their needs and developed a releasable tie that fit every requirement needed. Through the hard work of RETYZ Research & Development Team, the RETYZ Releasable Cable Tie was born.

The RETYZ patented releasable cable tie is like no other tie on the market today. It can be cinched tightly around an object and released with just two fingers. The RETYZ releasable tie is designed with repeated use in mind and features a comfortable and easy-to-use release mechanism. This mechanism allows a user to remove hundreds, if not thousands of ties, without discomfort or pain in their fingers. As a result, RETYZ can be used effortlessly when wearing gloves or if the user suffers from arthritis. Thanks to the unique head design, the excess strap can be tucked away for future use, or it can be trimmed away like a traditional cable tie. The RETYZ’s tough and easy-to-use design makes it a great option for almost any industry, not limited to aerospace. From resealing chip bags, mounting event signs, holding lumber together for even cutting, future-proofing cable runs in server rooms, to even wiring a whole plane, RETYZ will exceed your expectations and industry standards. Save time and money with the real releasable cable tie that can be reused time after time!

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