American Lighting Introduces Seasonal Twinkly Pro Products

American Lighting, a manufacturer of lighting products for residential, commercial and specialty projects, has announced the addition of a new seasonal product line by Twinkly Pro to its product assortment. 

An all-in-one residential or commercial project solution, Twinkly Pro’s smart ecosystem combines best-in-class hardware with proprietary software to give users full control of seasonal illumination. This is the latest from Twinkly, whose mission is to bring digital technologies to the world of consumer and professional lighting. As a Twinkly partner, American Lighting offers its established distribution lines and hands-on, full-service approach to assist with layouts and ensure seamless installation of the new Twinkly Pro products. 

“Partnering with Twinkly Pro is a great opportunity to expand our seasonal lighting offerings and meet a wider variety of customer needs,” says Richard Lyford, national sales manager at American Lighting.

“The new product assortment is simple and efficient, yet innovative. It truly complements our seasonal offerings, including the new Spektrum+ Smart Lighting, 12V AC linear products, decorative and commercial light strings, stringers and reels and more.

According to American Lighting, Twinkly Pro offers a simple, intuitive, and scalable processes to streamline complex installations and provide unlimited creative possibilities. American Lighting states that users can enjoy the advanced capabilities of the Twinkly app to help map LED bulb positions and wrap any desired shape, then apply remarkable effects with pixel-perfect precision. The mapping functionality combines various views of an installation to create a virtual layout and precisely control an entire display of lights as one single object.

With a continuously updated Effects Gallery, American Lighting points out that users can select from hundreds of presets to apply to their lighting displays. Using the FX Wizard tool, the company says integrators can build compositions with ease and individually addressing each LED to design on the fly lighting solutions. American Lighting emphasizes that for an immersive experience, integrators can combine music with Twinkly light sets using the Music Player to sync Twinkly Pro lights with the music to visually shape the sound.

Twinkly Pro, powered by American Lighting, includes:

Capsule String Lights: Twinkly Pro String Lights, controlled wirelessly through WiFi, offer maximum personalization with hundreds of presets available through the iOS app, plus the ability to create custom patterns. Available in RGB and RGBW options plus 250-light or dual 125-light sets, this string light provides 4-inch LED spacing with green wire that blends into its environment. The light string has a 24-volt DC power input, is ETLus listed, and IP65 rated for outdoor use.

Capsule Curtain and Icicle Lights: For displays from roof line accents to illuminations on the side of buildings, Twinkly Pro curtain and icicle lights achieve mesmerizing effects with 4-inch LED spacing, 5-inch spacing between drops and transparent wire perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The curtain and icicle lights have 24-volt DC power input, are ETLus listed, and IP65 rated for outdoor use.

Controllers: Command RGB and RGBW lights with Twinkly Pro controllers and wirelessly manage through the Twinkly Pro iOS app. Compatible with a variety of installations sizes, these controllers are simple to use and can control up to 1,500 LEDs. Single port controllers are controlled via a Wi-Fi connection and can be converted to a dual-port controller with a splitter. The six-port controller operates on an ethernet or Wi-Fi connection. The controllers have 120-240 volt AC power input with 24-volt DC power output and are IP65 rated for outdoor use.

Extension Cables: Extension cables from Twinkly Pro simplify installation by eliminating the need to adjust the placement of your hardware and controllers. Each 16.4-foot extension cable is available in green or transparent and compatible with Capsule String Lights, Capsule Icicle Lights and Capsule Curtain Lights. The cables are IP65 rated for outdoor use.

Hub: The Twinkly Pro Hub makes large installations manageable, allowing users to connect features together in a “Hub and Spoke” system that keeps lights in sync across entire installations. Each Hub offers eight 5-foot cable leads that can connect with six port controllers to control 9,000 LEDs. The HUB is IP65 rated for outdoor use.

Music: Twinkly Pro’s Music Player uses advanced algorithms to decode sound sources in real time, identifying musical elements to create a combined audio-visual experience. The player works in conjunction with the Twinkly Pro controllers and is IP65 rated for outdoor use.

Router: Control the Twinkly Pro lighting system remotely with the 4G Router. Simply connect to a controller and receive instant control from afar. The router offers 5-foot cable leads and requires 4G network connection.

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