Meet Your New App-Friendly, Human-Centric Lighting mate.

For integrators looking to match their customers with an LED lighting system that suits them, an app-based system might be their new tech “mate.”

Based in Oklahoma City, with background in control and automation for well over a decade, mate. is a solution that can assist integrators in their efforts to better, more natural lighting to homeowners who may be interested in circadian/human-centric lighting.

“During that time, we’ve become really passionate about circadian rhythms and human-centric lighting,” co-creator Jenn Upton tells CE Pro. “One of the things that we’ve really studied and honed in are identifying tricky parts of tunable white lighting before you can really share it with the masses. We’ve fine-tuned that, and that’s really where mate. was born – our app bringing all those solutions together for integrators.”

Custom integrators have been hearing much more about circadian lighting and HCL in the past several years as part of the industry’s wellness and biophilia push.

Hardwired Low-Voltage Solution Lets mate. Put Intelligence into App

Upton says one of the biggest features of mate. is bringing everything into a hardwired low-voltage solution. With integrators always looking for differentiators, that could be a benefit for reminding customers of the reliability of hardwired vs. wireless when it comes to installation technologies.

“Right now you see a lot of products on the market that are wireless, and one of the things that can trip up integrators is that with it being wireless, all the technology has to be in the bulb,” Upton notes.

“And so what mate. brings to the table, all of our technology is built into our app, so it can be a low-voltage solution, and that solves a lot of your problems.”

Watch the demo within the video above to hear more about why it’s a big deal that mate. and LED fixtures specialist Environmental Lights have separated the power conversion electronics from the light, maintaining the long lifespan of the fixture. The small amount of heat dissipates into the ceiling, while the power supplies continue running at their full potential, the company explains.

A second key feature of the mate app-based platform, Upton says, is that once hardwired low-voltage in-ceiling downlights are ready, the mate app can help owners dial in what might otherwise be a real mess of mismatched lighting color temperatures.

“We built into our app technology called ‘Map to Match’ – where all of your lighting can be profiled and everything can be the same color throughout the house, so when you’re looking through your window it will match what your outdoors will look like to bringing the sun in,” Upton explains.

The app facilitates “no configuration” setup. During a project construction, hardwired installed lights are set to full bright; upon completion, activating mate.’s solar scenes is easy via the app. Scenes can be edited within the app, and enabled/disabled via a simple rocker switch on the wall gives owners the look and feel they’re used to for their everyday lighting.

Mate. can further tweak the color temperature to account for influences like wallpaper in a room, and overall the Map to Match tech ensures downlights, under-cabinet lights and tunable lamps all match for color and brightness.

Check out the video above to learn much more about mate. (and go to and its possibilities for your lighting installations.

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