Tuya Partners with Cleanlife to Expand DIY Smart Lighting Category

Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA), makers of a global IoT development platform, and CLEANLIFE, a Cleveland-based global lighting manufacturer, announced a new partnership in which both parties have agreed to work together with a mission of creating a more productive, comfortable, and connected lighting experience for both consumers and businesses. As part of the deal, CLEANLIFE will expand its under-cabinet, security and outdoor solar lights available at retail locations such as Lowe’s and online at Amazon. The DIY solution will likely bring even more consumer attention to the smart lighting category, which could peripherally boost integrators’ professional installation option.

Tuya is an IoT platform that powers hundreds of millions of devices and is compatible with Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, Z-Wave and GPRS wireless protocols. It is used by thousands of manufacturers.

In recent years, the lighting industry has evolved thanks to global policies enacted to restrict the use of inefficient lighting technology and reduce energy consumption from lighting. The maturity and enablement of 5G, IoT, and other new technologies have been the leading factors contributing to this upgrade in lighting. Up to this point, the global smart lighting industry has not yet taken shape. The companies that take the lead in this segment will gain a strong, competitive advantage.

CLEANLIFE, which has been deeply engaged in the LED lighting industry for 10 years, has utilized Tuya’s low-cost, efficient, and flexible smart lighting components to successfully launch Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Mesh controllable flexible LED strips, LED Panel Lights, LED Smart Bulbs, and other lighting devices. These products are found in Lowe’s, on Amazon, and in various other online stores through its channel partners.

CLEANLIFE and its partners plan to offer even more smart lighting devices such as security lights, under-cabinet fixtures, and outdoor solar lights that will be available this fall both online and in retails stores. At the same time, the IoT development tools provided by Tuya can help CLEANLIFE not only quickly private label an app for its customers but also personalize the design of the app’s user interface.

By joining the IoT ecosystem of Tuya Smart, CLEANLIFE will leverage the interconnection and integrated operation with more than 410,000 Powered by Tuya smart devices. The 384,000 registered developers on the Tuya IoT Platform will also become potential supply-chain resources for CLEANLIFE. In addition, the global market channel resources of Tuya Smart will help CLEANLIFE expand internationally. Concurrently, CLEANLIFE will help provide a platform for Tuya’s overseas developers to launch more innovative smart lighting devices to the North American consumer and commercial market.

“Tuya has a great reputation in the smart lighting market globally and is the ideal strategic partner. In the future, we will continue to work together to create a safer, more comfortable and automated lighting experience by integrating LED fixtures with sensors, security cameras, circadian rhythm, and more,” says Justin Miller, CEO of CLEANLIFE.

“CLEANLIFE is a long-established lighting company with excellent market share and influence in North America. We are very happy to provide capability support for such an enterprise and help it accomplish intelligent upgrading,” adds Fritz Werder, general manager of Tuya North America.

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