CEDIA CEO Gives Tips on Finding the Right Training Model for Your Learning Style

One of the most compelling traits of the custom installer community is that it’s a group of life-long learners. To take on new categories and remain competitive amid the many growing and new trends of the residential market, continuously learning new skills and technologies is essential. And, moreover, mastering the latest innovations delights customers and drives business growth. While the hunger for innovation persists across the market, one challenge remains: Not everyone learns the same. 

As an organization dedicated to the success and growth of the custom installer, the CEDIA Education team believes it’s critical to not only offer a diverse range of consumption methods for trainings and content, but also to meet learners at their level and offer opportunities to build on existing skills. CEDIA Education offers a wide variety of courses and delivery methods for home technology professionals at every level, as do other industry leaders specializing in the latest technologies.

There are many ways to build your knowledge including self-study, job experience, and courses delivered online or in-person. What may be helpful before selecting the delivery method for your training experience is to consider how you best learn. 

Finding the Way You Learn Best

Face-to-face courses offer the hands-on technical training, comradery, and real-time Q&A that many dealers thrive off.

Some learners absorb information best by doing things hands-on, or kinesthetic learning. Others are visual learners, meaning they learn best by seeing something done or via visuals like graphics and PowerPoints. While some integrators do their best training individually, others learn best in groups through collaboration. Regardless of how our CEDIA members learn best, we’re committed to success for all.

CEDIA is proud to nurture a rich variety of training opportunities throughout the year, from our on-demand and in-person courses that were offered at CEDIA Expo to manufacturer product training that is available at CEDIA Tech Summits. Having the right mix of topics and skill-sharpening courses can help integrators stay at the top of their game.

Of course, especially after a year away, traditional in-person courses are tantalizing for CEDIA dealers. Face-to-face courses offer the hands-on technical training, comradery, and real-time Q&A that many dealers thrive off. Not only do face-to-face sessions allow dealers to learn from others, knowledge share, and collaborate, but they also offer pros the chance to complete hands-on tasks before bringing them to the job site.

Kinesthetic, visual, and social learners will especially benefit from these in-person courses, and we’re looking forward to hosting home technology experts from across the industry at face-to-face trainings at CEDIA HQ, CEDIA Tech Summits, and as part of our new education partnership with The PowerHouse Alliance. 

In-Classroom Training vs. Virtual Learning

While in-classroom training offers benefits that cannot always be duplicated by an online program, virtual learning brings a variety of benefits for professional development not offered by face-to-face education, like on-demand accessibility and removal of geographical barriers.

Our CEDIA Academy portal is the leading online learning portal for home technology professionals to access up-to-date trainings. CEDIA members can choose from hundreds of hours of self-paced education, from foundational technical knowledge for beginner technicians and those seeking refreshers to specialist skills and techniques, to business support tools and round table discussions. This online delivery is especially valuable for auditory learners who like to listen to instruction and have the option of backtracking, as well as solitary and logical learners who enjoy learning from the comfort of their own home or office. 

Once you’ve established how you best learn it may be valuable to consider what holes may exist in your job knowledge. CEDIA’s internationally recognized Cabling and Infrastructure Technician (CIT) and Integrated Systems Technician (IST) certifications provide an excellent framework whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran. Check out the job task analysis or take the practice test to assess where you may have some knowledge gaps.

From our online hub to distributor locations to webinars, CEDIA is proud to offer a hub of resources that work for your learning style, your schedule, and your business. What are you waiting for? Come learn with us

Giles Sutton is the interim co-CEO at CEDIA.

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