DataComm Electronics Intros Slick Sensor Mount & Device Charging Solutions

DataComm Electronics, based in Norcross, Ga., focuses on smart, slick solutions for the low-voltage industry, developing products to meet the needs of both integrators and their customers.

Dating back to 1998, the company specializes in HDMI, other cabling and associated infrastructure, and toward that end naturally works to engineer installer-friendly solutions, Jon Gregory, director of sales & marketing, tells CE Pro.

“We are super-excited about two new products that we have developed,” Gregory explains in a recent chat outlining some of DataComm Electronics’ latest unique introductions for the CEDIA channel – the Remote Device Mount (RDM) and Kinéa Jolt problem-solver products.

The RDM, a winner in this year’s CE Pro BEST Products Awards that were recently announced at CEDIA Expo 2021, aims to reduce installers’ pain points around installing sensors.

“Installing a sensor in a wall is a really annoying process that involves a high likelihood of losing the sensor wire within the wall cavity and damaging it at some point,” Gregory notes, hindering the wire-fishing process.

DataComm’s RDM solution installs by anchoring to 2×4’s, while the wiring attaches to the plastic sensor plate, which features a red template pullout for fishing wire to various types and brands of sensors. Drywallers can cut around, put drywall up, mud around the plate and when they sand it they know to stop when they get to the red template in the middle.

“The installers come back in at this point and with needle-nose pliers, they’ll pull out this sensor [template] – the sensor wires will be attached to this, and from there whatever sensor they are installing can go right in and sit flush with the wall,” he explains of the simple RDM steps.

The 1-inch diameter hole can be used for installers to mount things like temperature sensors, glass-break sensors and motion detectors, Gregory says. “You’ll never lose your sensor wire, nor will you ever damage the wall trying to retrieve it,” he stresses of the new construction solution (DataComm is working on a retrofit type).

DataComm Helps Replace Receptacles for More Tech Practicality

In addition to the RDM, the Kinéa Jolt also has the DataComm team jazzed to show dealers. The product is a receptacle charger that – continuing with the low-profile aesthetic of the RDM – is designed to blend into surroundings and provide users an “always available” charger cord for various devices.

“So it’s there when you need it, and it’s nearly hidden when you don’t,” Gregory says.

The Kinéa Jolt replaces a standard receptacle, is a 2.1-amp for fast-charging output, comes standard with a 2-foot charging cable and interchangeable charging heads – Lightning, Micro USB and Micro USB-C ports, he explains.

To learn more about both products, hear from Gregory in the video above, and check out DataComm Electronics’ website.

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