L-Acoustics Debuts at CEDIA Expo 2021 with Fiji 2.1 System

In the world of professional audio, including live sound reinforcement one of the go-to manufacturers for audio engineers, including Front of House (FOH) is L-Acoustics

Bringing its technologies into the residential luxury market, the French audio manufacturer made its debut at CEDIA Expo 2021 showing systems that include its Archipel Fiji 2.1 solution. 

The Fiji 2.1 system demonstrated at the recently completed trade event in Indianapolis provides homeowners with a package that includes a pair of its X4i loudspeakers, along with L-Acoustics’ LA2Xi amplifier, and the company’s new SB10i subwoofer. 

Jordan Tani, application engineer for L-Acoustics, points out the Fiji 2.1 system employs technologies developed from the company’s professional audio products to provide homeowners with high levels of performance and French industrial designs. 

“This is our first time here at CEDIA Expo 2021; L-Acoustics has a 30-year history in live sound and pro. We’ve taken the innovation and technology [from its pro products] and brought it to the residential luxury home markets,” he explains.

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“What we have here today at CEDIA is the Fiji 2.1 sound system of an Archipel line of products. The 2.1 Fiji has the X4i loudspeakers, which is a 4-inch coaxial driver and this is paired with the SB10i ultra-compact subwoofer. Together, this entire system is powered by the LA2Xi amplifier, which is our smallest amplifier that we make for the Creations [L-Acoustics residential products] market.”

The company adds the Fiji system can be combined with users’ preferred streaming products to form complete audio and AV systems to reproduce stereo and multichannel content. 

L-Acoustics Fiji 2.1 System One of Many Systems within Residential Creations Line

Circling back to Tani’s mention of L-Acoustics’ home products, the company also offers its Ibiza 2.0 system, along with its Tahiti 2.1, and Tonga 2.1 systems, which are also a part of the Archipel series of solutions. 

Beyond the Fiji 2.1 system, L-Acoustics Creations residential solutions also offers a choice of several Archipel systems. Some of those systems include a 5.1 version of the Fiji system, as well as multichannel configurations of its Tahiti, Tonga, Sky and Hawaii systems. 

Additionally, the company’s Bespoke service provides homeowners the ability to work with L-Acoustics and integrators to design a range of customized systems that consider factors such as the home space the system is going into and usage scenarios. L-Acoustics emphasizes that is Bespoke system offers everything from stereo to complete immersive audio solutions capable of delivering any audio format. 

Moreover, the company’s Sound Station line of products offers homeowners the company’s Hyperreal Sound Technology and BluSpace standard. System options in this series include the Island and Ocean immersive audio packages. 

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