South Carolina Brewery Combines Craft Beer and Great Music Thanks to Local Integrator

When Curt Hubner, founder/owner of integration company Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC) started to become a regular at Lot 9 Brewery in Bluffton, S.C., he realized the place was a great spot but was missing one key element: A killer sound system to enjoy while sipping a few brews. So he asked Lot 9’s owner and brewmaster Walter Trifari if he could help by installing a suite of high-end speakers.

“Our employees and I appreciated having an occasional round at Lot 9 Brewery,” says Hubner. “Their beer is famous in South Carolina, and we love the spot where folks gather, food trucks pull up and people engage for fun and relaxation. But one thing always made the experience a little flat—the quality of the music inside and outside Walter’s place. Before long, we began discussing SpeakerCraft speakers and a great sound system as a possible solution to deliver high-performance music throughout to further elevate the lively space.” 

Hubner and his crew installed a first-class audio system featuring SpeakerCraft OE8 Three-Way Speakers and new SpeakerCraft HRSi Subwoofers both inside and outside on the patio for great sound and depth of bass. The speakers and subwoofers were integrated with a Yamaha Musiccast multizone system so that Lot 9 could stream music throughout, separate it by zone and even pipe live band music in all areas. 

“I am an audiophile at heart, and music gets me through my day at the taproom as I develop new brews for our customers,” says Trifari. “I couldn’t believe the rich, full sound of the SpeakerCraft speakers and subwoofers. Our regular customers have also noted how impressive the audio is, and it’s at the ideal level for both entertainment and conversation. Plus, the system is easy to use and adjust from my phone.”  

SpeakerCraft System Provides Creative Spark For Brewer

And that’s just the start of the story. Since the installation of the SpeakerCraft speakers, more exciting things have been brewing. The sound system was deemed so natural and successful, it sparked more creative juices between Hubner and Trifari, including the creation of a new brew. Music can be played over the SpeakerCraft speakers to entertain the beer batch as it passes on its way through fermentation to produce a new, great tasting beverage. 

After being so impressed with the audio system AIC provided, Trifari decided to name a special brew after one of the subwoofers.

“Yeast is a living organism. I find that it responds to music. A loud, proud new ale will be cool. We have the ability to create something very special here with the SpeakerCraft sound stamp for all our customers to enjoy so the legacy lives on in sound and in taste,” adds Trifari.

The two decided to honor the SpeakerCraft speakers by naming a special craft brew that tributes the legendary brand called SubSonic Ale. This new, handcrafted brew is a deliberate and painstaking process, and the final completion of the exciting elixir was launched this week. 

Building on the success of the new SubSonic Ale and SpeakerCraft audio system, Lot 9 has expanded to being a fully automated brewery and gem of South Carolina. Thanks to Hubner and his AIC team, a comprehensive commercial control system has been added that includes an Elan System Controller, four Elan Cameras, an Elan 8-Channel NVR, an Elan Thermostat, an Elan 8-inch Touchscreen and Lutron Lighting for smart control of the entire venue.   

“This is very exciting and inspiring, and fits naturally with the rocking fun, lifestyle brand that SpeakerCraft brand is known to be worldwide,” says Richard Pugnier, vice president of marketing for Nortek Control. “SpeakerCraft speakers have been honored in many ways, but this is definitely one of the most unique! To think that AIC and Lot 9 came up with a recipe to embody the brand in the SubSonic Ale goes beyond cool, and we can’t wait to taste how the SpeakerCraft speaker sounds provide the rhythm to craft this one-of-a-kind flavor profile.”     

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