CE Pro Lighting & Shade Deep Dive: Lighting Controls Category Remains Pillar of Strength

The lighting control space has long been a staple for integration companies, and the introduction of human-centric lighting (HCL) and the LED revolution in fixtures has only bolstered that standing. The 2021 CE Pro Lighting and Shade Deep Dive Study confirms how pervasive lighting controls are, with 91.5% of all integrators reporting they did a residential project last year that had controls, fixtures and/or motorized shades. Likewise, 14% of integrators report that lighting controls were included in EVERY project they installed. 

The data is also strong on the commercial side, despite the downturn in the commercial space driven by the pandemic over the past 18+ months. Nearly three out of every four integration companies (74.6%) did a commercial lighting control project over the past year, and 8% of integrators installed lighting controls on EVERY commercial project. 

Not surprisingly, hardwired lighting controls are still the solution of choice among integrators, who report that 37% of all their projects included hardwired lighting controls. However, the amazing strides made in the wireless market have made wireless lighting much more common, with integrators reporting that 34% percent of their projects included wireless lighting, which is typified by solutions like Lutron’s proprietary Clear Connect RF technology, and open standards like Wi-Fi, ZigBee and Z-Wave. In many cases, integrators are mixing both hardwired and wireless lighting control options on the same project. 

Another key technology that is becoming quite common is occupancy sensors. Once a technology relegated primarily for commercial use in offices, it is becoming familiar to see motion sensors embedded in residential light switches for energy-saving purposes. According to the study, dealers used occupancy sensors in 30% of their installations last year. 

Lighting Control Market Remains A Strong Revenue Source

The lighting control market remains a strong source of revenue for integrators. According to the study, the median price for a residential lighting control installation (equipment, programming and labor) over the past year is $13,148 with an average of 15 switches, touchpanels, remotes or mobile device controls. That equates to $876 per device. 

Lighting control, which includes programming along with installation and equipment, is clearly more lucrative than the lighting fixture business, garnering an average price premium 39% higher than the average price point for a fixture installation. Nearly 10% of all lighting control projects came in at more than $50,000, while the identical percentage also came in under $1,000, showing the diversity of the solutions integrators can offer. 

Meanwhile, it is clear that lighting controls have moved well beyond simply being devices for luxury clients. Integrators report a relatively even distribution of lighting control projects among single-family new construction (38% of projects), existing homes (31%), commercial facilities (18%) and multi-dwelling units (13%). 

Also, the days of deploying lighting control only as part of a whole-home project are changing. With wireless options and devices like smart bulbs, dealers are now able to offer lighting control options for certain areas of the home, such as the kitchen, master suite or basement. According to the data, 40% of residential lighting control projects encompassed the entire home, while 38% involved only certain rooms in the home. Another 22% were solely outdoor installations. 

Lastly, every integrator knows that wellness is a buzzword these days for everything from mental wellness to physical wellness. Human-centric lighting (HCL) that mimics the color-changing aspects of the sun indoors is becoming a more popular wellness solution at the luxury level. Among integrators who have showrooms (which is only 39% of the market), about one out of every three showroom-based dealers now demos circadian rhythm lighting.

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