Trinnov Curates Demo Scenes to Highlight Performance of Today’s Home Theaters

During a couple of recent CE Pro Podcasts with Joel Silver of the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), Jason Dustal of Murideo and Robert Zohn of Value Electronics, the trio of video experts discussed a range of topics that included HDMI 2.1 and the CEDIA/CTA-RP28 Best Practices Standard.

Shifting from the technical side of their discussion and into the more approachable or fun side of the home AV industry—see part two of the podcast—Silver, Dustal and Zohn talked about the visceral elements of home theater. 

Underscoring the true value of home AV, Silver pointed out that from the very early days of CEDIA the goal for the industry has been to meet the audio and visual standards of commercial cinemas. 

“We want to meet or exceed the performance of a commercial theater … no longer will it be that. [Now it is] to meet or exceed the mastering environment. If it were mastered on a Dolby Pulsar, I want those 4,000 [nits], but I don’t want it Pulsar size,” he says. 

“I want it 100-inch, 150-inch. I want all the color, all the light, but I want the actual size.”

Underscoring the performance of today’s home theater products are solutions from brands that include Sony, Trinnov, Kaleidescape, Samsung, KEF, Sonus faber AudioControl, NAD, Stewart Filmscreen, Bowers & Wilkins, and many other top brands. 

The level of performance from home AV products has never been greater, and as Silver, Dustal and Zohn point out in the latest CE Pro Podcast episodes a well-designed home theater is more than capable of outperforming commercial cinemas, which at one time was inconceivable. 

Highlighting some of the content that is available that showcases the capabilities of today’s home theater systems, Silver points out that Jon Herron of Trinnov Audio supplied him with a list of video titles that Trinnov uses to demonstrate its products. These titles include:

A Star is Born song ShallowAcross the Universe scene Let it BeHans Zimmer: Live at the Royal albert Hall scene Custom Up is DownAdele: Live at the Royal Albert Hall scene I can’t Make You Love MeMuse: Live at the Rome Olympic Stadium scene MadnessThe Greatest Showman song This Is MeBohemian Rhapsody scene Live AidTrinnov Audio: Music Machine One

Trinnov and Kaleidescape Collaborate to Offer Curated Movie Bundle

Providing integrators and home theater enthusiasts turnkey access to these titles, Trinnov Audio and the digital home entertainment company Kaleidescape have teamed up to offer a curated movie package.

The companies explain that with the purchase of a Trinnov Altitude16 or Altitude32 processor and a Kaleidescape Terra and Strato C systems homeowners will receive a video bundle worth more than $1,000.  

“Chuck Back and I have personally selected these titles, from action and adventure to animation and family-friendly movies, giving Kaleidescape and Trinnov customers a spectacular experience with their new system,” comments Herron. 

“Only Kaleidescape is designed to present movies at full reference, with lossless-quality audio ensuring customers will be blown away when they hit Play and experience the power of Trinnov audio processing when matched with Kaleidescape playback.”

Included in the bundle are Herron’s home theater demo selections, along with many other titles, including John Wick 3: Parabellum, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Ford v Ferrari, and The Incredibles

To see the complete movie package click here.

In addition, to learn more about Herron’s demo list of titles, which are all included in the Trinnov and Kaleidescape bonus bundle of videos click here!

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