Snap One Aims to Help Dealers Develop New Lighting Business

Snap One sees the growth in the lighting fixture business going hand-in-hand with the lighting controls business, with both sides of feed off one another.

“In our industry, when we talk about ‘lighting’ we generally really mean ‘lighting control,’” says Margie Meyers, Principal Product Manager of Lighting, Snap One. “Lighting, the electrical design and installation of fixtures, is an $80 billion industry that has been reliant on our controls, but is quickly infiltrating our industry. In response, savvy integrators are developing new business in the lighting market while doubling lighting control revenue per project.”

Meyers says there are several key steps integrators are taking to expand their lighting business, including:

Educating homeowners about what great lighting really looks like. Architectural and accent lighting make homes more beautiful, convenient and safe. Tunable lighting not only sets the mood, but provides benefits to physical and mental wellness. While these greatly improve the homeowner’s lifestyle and property value, they also offer a welcome boon to an integrator’s business since these lighting additions often double lighting control needs.

Working closely with builders and their lighting designers and electricians in order to advocate for more sophisticated lighting and lighting control solutions. Meyers also sees a growing number of integrators bringing electrical services in-house to accelerate their lighting business.

“At Snap One we’re keen on developing new products and programs that help partners succeed in this lucrative and evolving market. We’ve got a few things up our sleeve, but we’re already making progress. Last month, we began shipping Control4 Contemporary Lighting to provide our partners with a new lighting control line that is as elegant and modern as it is reliable. This helps capture the interest of architects and interior designers while providing a stepping stone for conversations about truly sophisticated lighting solutions,” adds Meyers.

Available in 10 colors with clear, backlit engraving, Control4 Contemporary Lighting’s modern design aims to complement both the smart home or business environment. In addition to the new appearance, the new keypads, dimmers and switches also provide a more tactile response and improved longevity, according to the company. 

The Control4 system allows property owners to customize lighting control and automation. The system has the ability to schedule lights to turn on and off at specific times, link lights to events such as doors opening or surveillance camera motion detection, and create custom scenes for specific interior needs such as dimming to watch a movie.

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