Audio Video Therapy Holds Groovy Event

One of the most proactive dealers in the country, Audio Video Therapy holds a number of customer events throughout the year, but like everyone else, COVID-19 ruined the Nashua, N.H. dealer’s normal day-to-day activities.

Finding some level of normalcy in 2021, Audio Video Therapy got its groove back, holding its Groovy Event this past November. 

Hosting its raved customer base, along with a number of top audio equipment manufacturers, the N.H.-based hybrid retail/custom installation dealer primarily focused on stereo (two-channel) audio, but it also demonstrated home theater too during its recently completed flagship marketing event.

Among the companies participating in Audio Video Therapy’s Groovy Event were Paradigm and its sister brand Anthem, as well as KEF, Klipsch, Luxman America, and Audience Cables

“It’s just nice to have people in the building and have a party,” comments John Rein, owner, Audio Video Therapy. 

“It’s been two years with limited contact and small groups … this is fun.”

2021 Groovy Event Celebrates Mark Terietzky

According to Rein, Audio Video Therapy’s return to live marketing events, and the Groovy Event in particular is special in a number of ways. Beyond the fact that it is holding a live event, Rein stresses the event also serves as a celebration for Mark Terietzky, a partner in Audio Video Therapy who recently passed away. 

Supporting Audio Video Therapy’s ability to host several manufacturers at once is the businesses’ showroom layout. The company’s showroom occupies three floors with separate rooms that are set up to demonstrate specific components. 

For the 2021 marketing event Audio Video Therapy had dedicated rooms for Klipsch, KEF and Paradigm to demonstrate their respective products. 

Highlighting the marketing endeavor’s marketing activities during Audio Video Therapy’s annual event, Klipsch debuted its Jubilee loudspeaker. Demonstrated by Roy Delgado, engineer, Klipsch, the long-time company employee stated the loudspeaker was Paul Klipsch’s last loudspeaker design. 

In an upstairs room David Kroll, vice president of KEF America, teamed with Ricky Riccardi, director of research collections, Louis Armstrong Museum, to showcase the newly released, “The Complete Louis Armstrong Columbia & RCA Victor Studio Sessions 1946-1966” CD box set. 

Arguably, the owners of the most fun system demo at the Audio Video Therapy Groovy Event belonged to Paradigm. 

Rocking an immersive audio system that featured the music of Metallica, Doug Cowan and Kyle Delnero of Paradigm and Anthem, utilized Paradigm’s Founder Series speakers, including the Founder 120H in the front, along with a Founder 90C, and Anthem’s new MRX 1140 AV receiver in the home theater system.  The new 8K-upgradeable MRX 1140 supports configurations up to 15.2 channels, as well as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, HDMI eARC, and video technologies that include Dolby Vision HDR. 

Summing up the event, Rein said Audio Video Therapy’s goal was to offer its customers a fun night that allowed them to experience a number of different products and technologies.

“I think we went all out to have a diverse group with interesting things. We have Klipsch here with the Jubilees, we’ve got KEF here with the guy from the Louie Armstrong Museum [Ricky Riccardi] with his collection of recently put together from the tapes, CDs; we’ve got Luxman who we love and depend on here; [we have] John McDonald from Audience [Cables], and we’ve got Paradigm and Anthem up in the big theater with their new Founders [series of speakers] and MRX [electronics],” emphasizes Rein. 

“So, we have a whole bunch of stuff for everyone … it is fun, it’s a little bit of everything.” 

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