Nortek Control Intros Nearly 30 New Drivers for Elan Smart Home Integration

Nortek Control is giving Elan dealers the gift of nearly 30 new drivers for the brand’s control solutions and whole-house AV entertainment this holiday season.

Continuing its extensive integration releases this year, the recently acquired Nortek Control says the myriad drivers for custom integrators’ Elan systems underscore its close collaboration between the company’s engineers and third-party driver developers and vendor partners.

“These updates add powerful capabilities for our dealers to deliver a more customized experience to end-users. Integration between Elan products and other home products is of prime importance, and we are proud to deliver some of the most requested drivers of the year,” says Richard Pugnier, vice president of Marketing, Nortek Control.

“The latest offerings strengthen our commitment to making it easier for integrators to design and install an all-in-one control solution that meets the unique needs of their clients in every category.”

Addressing dealer input and requests, every new integration to the Elan ecosystem library generates a more intuitive experience with the products and helps dealers deliver a more tailored solution for their customers, the company says.

Latest Elan Integrations Cover Lighting/Shades, Climate, Entertainment & More

Among the top-requested integrations, the newly released Lutron RadioRA 3 adds more connected and innovative capabilities for lighting and shades in the home, for instance, the company notes.

“Lutron’s goal is to give professional installers all the vital tools they need to grow their business,” says Matt Swatsky, vice president of Residential Mid-Market Business at Lutron. “We’re proud to collaborate with the Nortek Control team to support custom professionals and their projects with seamless solutions that help expand their business.”

Other recent integrations like Kaleidescape, StormAudio and Optoma products contribute to enhanced entertainment, while Hayward Omnilogic Pool and Spa Systems creates a new level of energy-efficient backyard control.

The following new drivers, including several from popular driver developers such as Chowmain Software and Apps, Intrinsic and innovo, are now available (complete product models and details – technically there are 28 new drivers total, the company says – can be found on the Elan Management Cloud, according to Nortek Control):

Lutron RadioRA 3, Lighting and ShadesFX Luminaire, Lighting and ShadesCoulisse Shades by Intrinsic, Lighting and ShadesFibaro HC3 Lighting by Intrinsic, Lighting and ShadesSilent Gliss by Intrinsic, Lighting and ShadesSonoff by innovo, Lighting and ShadesSoma by Chowmain, Lighting and ShadesOptoma by Chowmain, Media DisplayKaleidescape by Chowmain, MediaCasaTunes by CasaTunes, MediaStormAudio ISP and LISP by StormAudio, MediaZigen SW-42 by Intrinsic, MediaSimplified MFG by innovo, MediaZappiti by Chowmain, MediaAdvantage Air MyAir by Chowmain, ClimatePhilips Dynalite Heating by Janus Technology, ClimateSensi by innovo, ClimateHayward OmniLogic Pro by Intrinsic, Pool and SpaPoolside Tech by Poolside Tech, Pool and SpaAdhanCloud by innovo, GeneraliRoom iO by Janus Technology, GeneralShabbatCloud by innovo, GeneralSwitchbot by Intrinsic, GeneralWeatherCloud by innovo, GeneralLightwaveRF by Intrinsic, Lighting

Earlier this year, Nortek Control announced 20+ drivers for Elan products including Somfy, Fusion, Lenbrook NAD and more, shortly following Elan’s 8.6 software update and new controllers release.

Nortek Control’s development team is working on more control drivers with prominent security, lighting and other manufacturers that are expected to be announced in 2022, the company adds.

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