LG to Introduce Objet TV and StanbyME at CES 2022

Taking a creative approach to untethering homeowners’ video content, LG will introduce its Objet TV and StanbyME display products at CES 2022.

The global electronics company says that its new lifestyle televisions can help to transform homes into an office, gym, gallery workshop or entertainment spaces, while complementing their surrounding interior designs.

According to LG, the Objet TV resembles a canvas and it is designed to seamlessly blend into a range of home spaces. LG explains the product adapts to homeowners’ different needs with the press of a button on its companion remote control by raising or lowering a fabric cover of the homeowner’s choice.

In full-view mode the Objet TV’s entire 65-inch OLED evo panel and processing displays images with high levels of quality. The TV’s built-in, 80-watt, 4.2-channel audio system is designed to provide users with a surround-sound user experience.

LG points out the TV is intended to lean against a wall at an angle up to 5 degrees, and the company notes the Objet TV offers a choice of interchangeable fabric covers from the Danish textile company Kvadrat. Fabric color choices include Kvadrat Beige, Kvadrat Redwood and Kvadrat Green.

The new Objet TV from LG can be leaned against the wall at a 5-degree angle and has a motorized fabric that cover the screen when not in use.

LG StanbyME and Objet TV Provide Stylish Display Choices

Joining the Objet TV in LG’s new 2021 line up of new display products is the StanbyME solution. The StanbyME is a wireless, private TV that incorporates a built-in battery that delivers up to three hours of battery life, and a moveable stand with concealed wheels.

LG says the mobile StanbyME can be wheeled around a home to offer users viewing freedom via the TV’s 27-inch screen size. The display can be used for streaming media, TV and movies, and even work as a conferencing display in today’s WFH (work from home) and hybrid work environments.

The display includes an ergonomic design highlighted by a screen that users can swivel, tilt and rotate in either portrait or landscape mode, and through its Mobile, Screen Mirroring, homeowners can view content from their Android or iOS devices.

The StanbyME display also comes with a removable cradle that allows homeowners to place their mobile devices on top of the unit, and homeowners can connect their favorite source components to the display using their choice of USB, HDMI or wireless connectivity options.

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