Baracoda Daily Healthtech to Highlight ‘Bathroom of the Future’ at CES 2022

For integrators getting into health and wellness technologies, master bathrooms and secondary baths are becoming a key rooms to address with customers, whose daily health checks often center around these increasingly smart spaces.

At CES 2022, taking place in Las Vegas in January, Baracoda Daily Healthtech will be among the exhibitors showcasing emerging technologies in its “connected bathroom of the future” ecosystem.

Beginning January 3 at CES Unveiled followed by presence in the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC booth 8419) and Eureka Park, Baracoda will demo its newest range of connected bathroom devices from its own branding and partner companies. That includes Baracoda’s BConnect Hub, which the company says enables universal connection for all compatible devices to their respective platforms without using a phone as an intermediary.

Baracoda’s technology goals are rooted in the health and wellness sector. It targets the everyday routine for customers – leveraging AI, data analysis, machine learning, app development, gamification and more – with its vision that scales healthtech solutions for the mainstream consumer market.

“We look forward to CES 2022 and meeting more companies and healthcare providers who are equally excited about interoperability and scaling healthtech solutions to make them more accessible to mainstream and healthcare communities,” says Baracoda CEO and co-founder Thomas Serval.

Baracoda Daily Healthtech Ecosystem Links Variety of Smart Bathroom Products

Among the smart bathroom products and technologies Baracoda Daily Healthtech will showcase:

BBalance connected bathmat, to capture weight-body composition-posture-balanceBCool battery-free, mercury-free, connected thermometer made from recycled plasticColgate hum smart toothbrushes powered by BaracodaArtemis smart mirror for grooming and skin monitoring (smart TV mirrors were the most in-demand bathroom product per CE Pro’s research earlier this year)BConnect Hub, plug-in data-gathering device that eliminates dangling wires and removes the need to use a smart phone for tracking health behaviors and personal trends

As the company explains, the BConnect Hub automatically and securely connects the user, via BLE and Wi-Fi, to a personalized dashboard using Baracoda’s proprietary BConnect protocol. Compiled metrics and coaching add context for a holistic approach to self-care, the company says, and it enables data to be uploaded to a GDPR-compliant central system for follow-up, history, analysis and clinical trials.

Potentially of note to smart home companies and IoT driver developers, Baracoda will also highlight its B2B2C open-innovation model at CES 2022, designed to accelerate innovation through its Baracoda Labs (BLabs) incubation process.

As the company explains on its website, “Our library of tech assets, combined with our vast, collective expertise, can be used in various scenarios to design, develop, manufacture and distribute IoT ecosystems (from hardware to software) for corporate partners and our own internal projects (BBalance, BClean, BSkin …). These ecosystems create new Daily Healthtech practices and impact health on a global scale.”

Using BTech, Baracoda’s SaaS platform, the BLabs personnel tap into the knowledge and skillsets of global experts to form tight innovation teams for each project in the health product development cycle, the company explains.

“Open innovation, sharing ideas and developments outside of a company’s internal software think tank, is the fastest way to achieve equitable access to smart devices with affordable pricing for the mainstream global market,” says Serval.

“Our corporate partners recognize the value of open innovation and are breaking barriers when it comes to making a difference in global health.”

A French Tech ambassador at CES, BLabs will demonstrate its methods and newest products at Business France in Eureka Park, in addition to its Bathroom of the Future booth at the LVCC.

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