New HDR10+ GAMING Standard Unveiled at CES 2022

HDR10+ Technologies LLC, an industry group with over 128 licensees and nearly 5,000 supported devices, has announced a new HDR (high dynamic range) standard called HDR10+ GAMING released at CES 2022.

HDR10+ delivers a wide range of benefits, including outstanding brightness and color, robust standardization, ease-of-implementation and worldwide certification; along with no licensing fees and seamless compatibility with HDR10 content. The new HDR10+ GAMING standard delivers to both game developers and players a more compelling and consistent experience, across a wide variety of consumer electronic products.

The new HDR10+ GAMING specifications were established based on input received from the game industry.   The format utilizes HDR10+ Source Side Tone Mapping (SSTM), for more accurate game output to compatible displays.

The HDR10+ GAMING standard also includes automated HDR calibration, which automatically sets a TV or display in a low latency reference mode. It can even support variable refresh rates (VRR) at 4K 120fps.

These and other advanced features enhance overall performance and fully capture the creator’s intent with the idea of making gameplay more convenient and realistic than ever.

Additionally, before it can receive a HDR10+ GAMING certification mark, each and every device must undergo rigorous compliance testing to insure that it meets performance requirements.  HDR10+ Technologies LLC is partnering with a number of companies globally to establish this certification process. This includes Teledyne LeCroy, a worldwide leader in testing equipment, who is working with the LLC to provide multiple solutions for SSTM. 

According to Neal Kendall, product manager for Teledyne LeCroy Video Products, “We are excited to be working with HDR10+ Technologies in their efforts to standardize this new HDR10+ solution for dynamic HDR gaming.”

HDR10+ GAMING products will be available later this year, in cooperation with a broad range of companies, including Game Mechanic Studios, NVIDIA, and Saber Interactive.

“We are very excited to help usher in a new era of video game picture quality,” says Todd Hollenshead, the head of publishing at Saber Interactive. “The HDR10+ GAMING standard is truly raising the bar and we are proud of being at the forefront of bringing it to market, with games like Redout 2, the fastest 8K anti-gravity racer ever made; and Pinball FX, the king of digital pinball. Both of these titles are brought to life in a brand new way.”

Game Mechanic Studios will also be showcasing their HDR10+ GAMING titles at CES, including Happy Trails & the Kidnapped Princess, which will be available in 2022. These and other 4K and 8K titles will be demonstrated and powered by NVIDIA graphic processors (GPUs). Samsung Electronics also recently announced that all of its 2022 televisions and game monitors will support HDR10+ GAMING as well.

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