SiliconCore Technology Enters Consumer MicroLED Display Market

There is a new player in the MicroLED space for residential application. SiliconCore Technology will debut its MicroLED display solutions at CES 2022 targeting its Direct View LEDs for the mainstream consumer market. SiliconCore touts it is the only MicroLED manufacturer that is designing and producing its own driver chip technology, giving it a unique benefit in the development of advanced power management, durability and image quality.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, SiliconCore’s patented and scalable technologies produce low heat and low power with brightness benefits for close-proximity viewing, all at high resolutions and dynamic range. Those innovations provide the market with more sustainable and reliable display solutions, imperative to the development of efficiencies in design, manufacturing, and cost reductions for the next generation of displays, according to the company.

Eric Li, CEO at SiliconCore Technology, comments, “My vision has always been to see direct view LED technology in the mainstream consumer market, and I believe the time is now. Our teams have invested years into building and perfecting the technology processes to enhance display image reproduction and performance.

“The result is that our Common Cathode technology and other patents are uniquely positioned to provide the market with cooler and more power efficient displays for prolonged lifespans. As density of LEDs in panels increase, this is the only way to ensure product efficiencies. To have this adopted by more display technology brands will advance industry standards and push the market forward for large scale displays in the home, with SiliconCore spearheading innovation from the core.”

SiliconCore has a deep patent portfolio, with three particularly relevant to MicroLED displays. The Common Cathode patent, held since 2011, offers 10 degrees to 20 degrees cooler operating temperatures at up to 200% higher brightness levels. Its patented ZACH technology widens the dynamic range to near Rec. 2020 levels and the patented LISA technology uses specially formulated encapsulation for increased durability and improved contrast.

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