Hisense Expands U.S. Executive Team

Hisense, a provider of televisions and appliances, has announced the expansion of its U.S. executive team, signaling the brand’s continued growth within the consumer electronics and home appliances categories, and commitment to further brand expansion within the U.S.

According to the company, despite the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, it was the fastest-growing among the top five TV brands in North America – specifically with screens in the 50-inches and above category. As a result of its continued growth, Hisense says it has become crucial to build ongoing relationships with its customers and to develop offerings that align with consumer expectations and needs. 

“Hisense was the fastest-growing among the top five TV brands in North America last year and as we continue to grow, it’s imperative that we have leaders who can help us maintain our mission of putting premium options within people’s reach,” states David Gold, president of Hisense USA.

“The experience these new executives bring to Hisense is just what we need as we continue to expand our product offerings this year to include even more high performing products that exceed consumer expectations.”

Here is a closer look at the new Hisense U.S. executive team:

New Additions to the Hisense U.S. Executive Team

Rick Calacci, Vice President of Product Marketing

Rick Calacci joins Hisense as the vice president of product marketing, where he will leverage his prior experience to execute new marketing initiatives for Hisense’s rapidly growing U.S. brand. Calacci’s career spans four decades and includes work with brands such as Sony, Pioneer, Toshiba and Sharp.

Prior to joining Hisense, Calacci served as SVP of sales & marketing at LG Electronics where he instigated the introduction of OLED to earn greater market share. Calacci will oversee sales, strategies and product marketing for both the consumer electronics and home appliance teams, building on the company’s successful growth and market share increases over the last several years. 

David VanderWaal, Vice President of Brand Marketing

David VanderWaal joins the team as the vice president of brand marketing bringing with him over 20 years of success in consumer brand marketing, shopper marketing, and category management. VanderWaal has worked with a plethora of notable brands including Procter & Gamble, Unilever, General Mills, and most recently as senior vice president, consumer marketing at LG. During his time at LG he oversaw all marketing activities for both the consumer electronics and home appliances divisions leading marketing, advertising, and digital initiatives. At Hisense, VanderWaal will be responsible for aiding in Hisense’s continued growth by leading marketing and advertising activities, as well as retail and in-store strategies that align with consumer interests.

Mike Kadish, Vice President Sales for Consumer Electronics

Hisense appointed Mike Kadish as vice president of consumer electronic sales. Kadish brings almost 20 years of experience working with technology brands such as IBM, Accenture, and Samsung, where Kadish led TV product marketing and business management for the brand developing promotional plans and go-to-market strategies. Leveraging his experience, Kadish will oversee Hisense’s consumer electronics division where he will be responsible for establishing Hisense’s strategic growth plans and help deepen relationships with retail partners. 

Mike Fahey, Vice President of Supply Chain Management

Mike Fahey joins the team as the new vice president of supply chain management. Throughout 2021 the company points out that its products were well received, making it one of Hisense’s most award-winning years to date.

Hisense says ULED TV unit sales grew 170% year-on-year and the brand also experienced growth in U.S. unit sales in the 65-inches and above category by 41% year-on-year despite the obstacles presented to many supply chains as a result of the ongoing pandemic. As Hisense continues to see such increasing product demand, Fahey will employ his more than 20 years of operations experience to further improve and innovate Hisense’s supply chain management and infrastructure.

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