10 Interesting Product Announcements from CES 2022

Now with CES 2022 (International Consumer Electronics Show) in the rear-view mirror, we can now look back event and pick out a few of the show’s highlights. 

Naturally, any new CES show means the launch of new televisions from TV titans that include mainstays such as Sony, Samsung and LG, as well as newcomers that include Hisense and TCL

Of course, CES 2022 did not disappoint with these top video equipment manufacturers announcing their 2022 product lineups that include technologies such as MicroLED, mini LED, laser-based, ultra-short projection and OLED

Beyond the headlining grabbing product releases from these global companies, this past CES show also featured an increasingly diverse array of product introductions from some familiar and not-so familiar brands.

CES 2022 Event Showcases Diversity of Today’s Smart Home 

For years … in fact decades, audiophiles and videophiles looked forward to the CES show to see their favorite brands, including, the aforementioned Sony, as well as audio heavy hitters such as McIntosh, Klipsch, JBL and many others introduce the year’s newest amplifiers, speakers, turntables and more. 

Back in the day attendees could visit audio-only locations such as Alexa Park or more recently the Venetian Hotel and spend days checking out the latest audio components. 

Times have changed, however. As the home electronics market has grown outside of the comfortable parameters of audio and video hobbyists and into the broader smart-home market, home audio’s relevance at the show has been minimalized and replaced by the growing presence of smart home solutions. 

In the early days of the smart home market companies such as Crestron, Lutron and Elan were driving forces behind the category’s emerging importance. 

Today, these companies remain pillars of the smart home market with their control systems, lighting, whole-house entertainment and HVAC solutions, but they are now joined by an ever-growing list of established and startup manufacturers. 

Taking a look at some of the newest products entering the smart home category this year through their introduction at CES 2022, here are 10 unique products that span a range of smart home applications that were just announced during North America’s largest trade event:

Click here to see the full list of highlighted products from CES 2022!

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