NEEO Founder, Control4 Exec Launch AVA Connected Home

Bringing years of custom electronics market experience together, the founder of NEEO Raphael Oberholzer, and former Control4 executive Ted Haeger have collaborated to launch AVA.

AVA is set to enter the market with solutions in the audio and control categories and its first two products are a 2.1 audio system and smart home remote control.  The company says the new product solutions pair together seamlessly, and to ensure the performance of the audio components the Swiss/American company worked with the noted European audio manufacturer Revox.

“AVA is on a mission to put true stereo back into people’s homes, while providing all the advantages of today’s most popular connected speakers. Not only is this how music is recorded, but it is also the best way to reproduce the experience intended by the artist and the sound engineers. Anything less does not do their work justice and is a huge miss when it comes to the actual and emotional listening experience,” states Oberholzer who serves as AVA’s co-founder and CEO.

“We’re tremendously proud of what we have created and we cannot wait to share AVA with the rest of the world.”

AVA 2.1 Audio System Available in a Choice of Active or Passive Configurations

The company explains that its 2.1 system is intended as a true stereo solution that includes a pair of speakers and a companion subwoofer. The AVA A1 Speaker incorporates a full-range driver, along with streaming technologies, digital-to-analog converters (DACs), digital signal processing (DSPs) and built-in amplification on the active model.


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AVA points out the B1 Bass Module connects to the A1 speakers via Kleer, a wireless high-performance audio protocol that is said to offer zero latency.

The A1 2.1 system is available in active or passive versions, and as noted earlier, together with the B1 Bass Module the speakers dynamically, in real time handle gain, phase and frequency crossover points. AVA also notes the speaker includes an integrated touch interface that provides access to a number of controls, including instant startup of up to five preset favorites directly from the speaker.

Additionally, the AVA 2.1 speaker system offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and support for Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect and UPnP.

AVA’s other new product is an Android-based remote control.

Powered by a quad-core, 2GHz processor the AVA Remote is said to be the world’s first Google-Certified remote control. Through the certification users have full access to the Google Play Store to support the ability to download and run native Android apps directly from the remote control.

Using the remote the company continues allows homeowners to control systems from Sonos, Control4, Savant, Crestron, Lutron and more. The remote features a high-density touchscreen, along with an integrated speaker and a microphone that supports Google Assistant or intercom applications.

Moreover, the remote also offers Bluetooth, NFC, an accelerometer, an integrated rear-panel fingerprint sensor and GPS. In addition, once a user picks up the remote it wakes to life.

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