Snap One Launches Control4, OvrC, Episode, Triad Products

On Friday, March 14 Snap One held a 45-minute streaming press conference in which it announced new products from its Control4, Episode and Triad brands, as well as the latest news related to its OvrC platform.

Snap One says the new products and other initiatives support its core mission of being a one-stop supplier to its dealer partners throughout the world.

“We’re introducing new products, solutions and updates throughout 2022 that support our goal to be the integrator’s most valued and most trusted partner,” says Ryan Marsh, executive vice president of sales at Snap One.

“At Snap One, we strive to provide the broadest portfolio of best-in-class products so that professionals can depend on us when designing experiences across the residential, commercial and security sectors.” 

OvrC Pro and Control4 OS3 Announcements Headline Event

Snap One’s remote monitoring OvrC platform has been a go-to solution for dealers that want to streamline their custom support efficiencies, and during the company’s Friday call Snap One rolled out updates to the platform.

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The company explains it is adding OvrC Pro options to the Control4 OS3 operating system without the need for more hardware.

“As projects become increasingly complex and customer expectations evolve, remote monitoring and management is now more important than ever,” comments Evan Marty, director of product management at Snap One.

“We know that OvrC has become vital to the success of businesses and we’re excited to share the new updates that make the ecosystem better, faster, and more reliable.”

The integration of OvrC Pro into OS3 provides integrators with increased notification accuracy and improved wireless site management within OvrC to offer dealers more efficient workflow capabilities.

Snap One points out that besides the remote management improvements it has made to Control4’s OS3 operating system, it is also introducing OS version 3.3.0. The new OS version incorporates a host of new options that include a native lighting color wheel user interface to support the tuning ability of lighting. Dealers can also now create color presets for their customers, and dealers can include personalized lighting colors as part of programmed lighting scenes.

Moreover, homeowners using their Control4 app or their touchscreens can change the lighting colors within their homes.

“Subtle changes in the color of lighting in your home can change the mood and even add to your well-being,” notes Margie Meyers, principal product manager at Snap One.

“Imagine changing your ceiling into a night sky to prepare you for bed or waking up to a sunrise. Energize your workspace with light matching noon-day sun. With the addition of color control and tunable white, all this is possible in Control4. Our beta partners have been delighted by the versatility we’ve provided in the programming of color control. Our Partners have been asking for this feature and we spent months getting it just right. We are so excited to deliver this to the world.” 

New Snap One Products from Episode, Control4 and Triad

Moving on from the OvrC and OS3 updates, Snap One previewed new hardware from Control4.

Teasing new CORE Series controllers, Snap One says, Control4’s upcoming controllers will feature faster processors, more zones of built-in audio, improved digital-to-analog converters (DACs), and a new 4K user interface. The new Core Series products will be available in three versions to enable integrators to address a range of installation projects.

The new Core Series products will be available sometime in the second quarter of 2022.

Wrapping up its new products were a new Episode 2.1 active soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer. Additionally, from its Triad Speakers brand, Snap One concluded the event with the announcement of the Triad PDX Architectural Speaker product line.

According to Snap One, the new active 2.1 soundbar will offer integrators a choice of optical, analog and HDMI inputs, and a companion subwoofer that ships pre-paired with the soundbar. The 2.1 speaker combination provides homeowners with built-in Bluetooth to allow them to stream audio from their computers and smart devices, and Snap One points out the companion subwoofer uses an 8-inch downward firing woofer that is powered by an 80-watt amplifier.

“This year, our goal is to continue to invest significantly on new product development.”

Ryan Marsh, executive vice president of sales at Snap One.

Snap One emphasizes the wireless subwoofer has a range of 30 feet to allow integrators to place it in locations that are unobtrusive to homeowners.

Also available sometime during the second quarter of 2022, the PDX Architectural speakers offer integrators Triad’s PushLock installation technology to allow integrators to easily install or remove the speakers, and even change the motor without completely removing the speakers from their mounted locations.

The PDX line of products includes a choice of eight in-ceiling models and three in-wall speakers.

Wrapping the event up Marsh ended the proceedings by saying that through Snap One’s commitment to research and development (R&D) to company continues to ensure its support of the custom installation market.

“2021 was an exciting year for us with our rebrand, IPO announcement, investments in our Quality & Innovation Lab, and the introduction of the Partner Pledge program, among many other milestones. This year, our goal is to continue to invest significantly on new product development,” concludes Marsh.

“This year, we’re enhancing our products and platforms, adding even more popular brands to our portals and Partner stores, and making everything available in one easily accessible place.”

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