Snap One Merges Rewards Programs from Control4, Distribution Partners

Over the past several years, Snap One has been on a buying spree, adding not only Control4 back in 2019 but several regional distributors. With each acquisition comes the legacy of an individual rewards program and it’s not an easy task to juggle multiple programs. Nearly 3 years after acquiring Control4, Snap One has finally combined the rewards programs for the two companies along with the purchasing programs from its various Partners Stores.

The new, consolidated Partner Rewards program awards points for every purchase online and in official Snap One Partner stores. The program features five levels, providing incredible benefits like progressively larger discounts, free shipping, expedited gear replacement, premium tech support and even access to exclusive Partner events.

“Our new Partner Rewards Program is a true win-win for integration partners, offering a simpler program with more powerful rewards that accrue from every purchase, no matter where it is made,” says Ashley Swenson, SVP of Marketing for Snap One.

“We are deeply committed to providing our partners with valuable incentives, a wide selection of products and same-day product availability through our national network of local stores. Along with our recent mergers and acquisitions offering Partners even more innovative and unique solutions, we’re also continuing to expand our Rewards program to ensure Partners are collecting points and maximizing value every step of the way.”

With purchases earning up to three points per dollar spent, many partners can reach the Bronze level of 30,000 points from a single project and begin enjoying free shipping and additional training. Combined with Snap One’s large product catalog, partners now have the opportunity to earn valuable rewards on nearly every product they use in their day-to-day work, from speakers and security panels to wiring and TVs.


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The new Partner Rewards program awards Snap One Partners with one point per dollar on third party Snap One distributed products, two points per dollar for one tier of Snap One manufactured products, and three points per dollar for the second tier of Snap One manufactured products. A complete breakdown of the rewards earned by brand and product type is available at the Snap One website.

Plus, every purchase automatically counts towards the program, regardless of whether it was made on the Snap One Portal, the Control4 Dealer Portal, or any of the Snap One Partner Stores across the United States.

“The progressive product discounts can be a huge benefit for partners because they directly increase profitability while encouraging deeper knowledge and mastery of the Snap One product catalog,” said Swenson.

“We have been a customer of Snap One for over 10 years and are very excited about the new Partner Rewards program,” said Mark Irons, Satellite City Inc. “It is great to be able to earn rewards on everything we need for our jobs – from control systems to TVs to bulk wire – and wherever we buy it – online or through the branch coming soon to my area. Partner Rewards helps us balance our purchases throughout the year and predict the buying power and discounts we will receive, which helps us offer customers the best possible prices.”

A limited selection of Snap One products are exempt from discounted rates or rebates. See here for a full explanation of benefits and exclusions.

Partners in Hawaii, Alaska, and outside of the continental United States do not qualify for free shipping. In addition, free shipping may not apply to all purchases made at Snap One Partner Stores; please reach out to your location for more information.

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