Sonus faber Collaborates with Maserati

The Italian home audio company Sonus faber is building upon its relationship with the famed Italian luxury car maker Maserati.

Following its work with Maserati on the MC20 super car, Sonus faber says that its audio systems will be integrated into the new Maserati Grecale.

“The Sonus Faber High Premium Sound System in the all-new Maserati Grecale builds on the amazing success of our EISA award winning system in the MC20 supercar,” comments Jeff Poggi, president, Sonus faber.

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“Our team spent three years collaborating with Maserati design and development to customize every aspect of this sound system to authentically deliver the signature ‘natural sound’ of Sonus faber.

“Our shared passion and commitment to Italian excellence is evident in the attention to detail, selection of materials, and overall refinement.”

Maserati Sonus Faber Audio Systems Offer Premium Sound and Elegance

Sonus Faber will provide two audio systems for the new Grecale. The first or standard system features 14 speakers and a total of 860 watts of power to drive the audio system. The step-up, premium audio system solution will employ a total of 21 speakers that are driven by a total of 1,285 watts of power.

Sonus Faber says the audio systems are designed and engineered in Italy and employ high-quality, natural materials. Some of the features of the audio systems include silk-dome tweeters and paper-cone midrange drivers.

Sonus Faber notes the use of these drivers and its engineering concepts results in a smooth frequency response and a detailed sound stage that is powered by independently driven speakers.

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The power section of the Maserati Audio systems includes Class-D amplification, oversized power supplies, and DSP (digital signal processing) controlled performance.

Sonus Faber sums up its signature sound and approach to audio by stating that its systems’ performance is the culmination of the application of key technologies with its design philosophy that includes the optimization of the phase and amplitude alignment between the midrange and tweeter.

Additionally, the company says its engineering team perform the final voicing of its products by ear to ensure an emotional and quality listening experience for users.

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