Growing Cybersecurity Threats

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the increasing use of digital tools in business and the home. The increased digitalization of the world around us has resulted in increased vulnerabilities on our devices and networks. Now with every aspect of our daily lives interconnected with technology, digitalization has thrust us towards a new trajectory of cyber threats which calls for new devices and protocols to protect sensitive data and privacy from cyber attackers.

Our Solution guardDog Protective Cloud Services (PCS) offers the simplest and most cost-effective solution to the growing vulnerabilities around the use of inherently vulnerable devices on networks that lack visibility or protective measures. guardDog is a locally deployed electronic device connected to a central router which identifies and constantly monitors every “endpoint” device on the network using cloud-based AI cognitive software to identify bad actors engaged in unauthorized surveillance and malicious activities. Upon the identification of threats, guardDog responds in real time with an escalating series of catalogued countermeasures to effectively stop the attack and discourage the attacker from trying again, leaving you and your assets protected.

How It Works

Protecting your private information and valuable data has never been easier. We secure your information using a small, compact device which can be installed on your network with four easy steps. With its easy four-step installation guardDog offers the simplest solution to growing cybersecurity threats. guardDog PCS utilizes its patent-pending approach to redirect potential exploits or attacks to places where they cannot do their intended harm, such as the attacker themselves. guardDog PCS maintains an extensive collection of automated countermeasures that minimize impact to the network or devices being protected while offering simple and clear protections on the wireless spectrum. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by deploying our device as an overlay to existing networks designed to monitor wireless and wired networks and the devices that are attached to them by surveilling the “edge territory”, or invisible space between networks. As a real-time network overlay, guardDog PCS watches and guards Wi-Fi networks with AI-powered automated countermeasures that will shut down attempted exploits of device and network vulnerabilities using our securing edge territory approach.

Solutions Delivered

At guardDog we are committed to providing you with the best cyber protection in the most convenient way possible. Our solution gives you the peace of mind of your valuable information being secured with no work from you. With guardDog technology our solutions allow you and your business to continuously grow your electronic lifestyle without any threats to your safety. For solutions offering you versatility and functionality to protect your valuable information, choose guardDog.

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