Theory Audio Design Intros DLC-250.4 Distribution Loudspeaker Controller

On the heels of its recent ic6 in-ceiling loudspeaker launch, Theory Audio Design has introduced the DLC-250.4 distribution loudspeaker controller that can be applied to residential or commercial installations.

Each DLC-250.4 offers 4-channels of intelligent power, a full DSP matrix, and is TCP/IP controlled through a wired connection, or directly via its on-board Wi-Fi access point, Theory Audio explains.

With channel-pair power sharing of up to 250 watts, each DLC-250.4 offers the flexibility to power any distributed audio system size, the company says. Via its configurable outputs, the DLC-250.4 can drive up to 16 Theory Audio 16-ohm ceiling or pendant loudspeakers in Lo-Z mode, and up to 64 Theory Audio architectural speakers in Hi-Z mode – or an optimal hybrid of both.

That’s particularly beneficial in commercial spaces like bars, restaurants, retail environments, fitness centers, and spas where a combination of power, from quiet background to loud foreground audio, is required.

In hotels, education facilities, and corporate environments where there are multiple rooms of varying sizes, the DLC-250.4 offers high flexibility in terms of available power, notes the company, whose foray into the commercial sector was facilitated by the ic6 release.

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Integrators Can Deploy Theory Audio’s DLC-250.4 for Variety of Applications

“Because the DLC can operate in both 8-ohm or 70V/100V modes, separately or in combination, and because all of our architectural loudspeakers have the same dual operation, systems of any size or complexity can easily be realized from a tiny half-rack space unit,” says Paul Hales, president of Theory Audio Design, which he launched as a sister brand to home theater specialist Pro Audio Technology (PRO).

“And because our ceiling and pendant models can operate at 16-ohms, up to 16 speakers can be powered from a single half-rack unit without the need to invoke the 70V transformers; this is remarkable from a 6-pound amplifier and ensures the highest possible fidelity even in systems with a high quantity of speakers.”

The S/PDIF master/slave functionality allows multiple DLCs to be used to cover various applications in commercial/resimercial verticals or residential home theaters and surround-sound systems.

For a house of worship project, for instance, the DLC-250.4 can address the typical requirement for reliable, high-quality amplification of voice, while also covering a large distribution area with many specialized speakers. For home theater and surround sound systems, a single DLC-250.4 is ideal for 3.1 systems (and larger if using multiple DLCs), the company states.

To rack mount or wall/surface mount the DLC-250.4, Theory offers two accessory kits.

Later this year, Theory Audio plans to add a Dante-enabled version of the DLC-250.4, the DLC-250.4d, that will offer further installation flexibility and simplicity by adding Dante network audio protocol and AES67 compatibility.

The DLC-250.4 is available to order now with a $1,950 MSRP and will begin shipping in May 2022.

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