AVA’s Arrival Accelerates Opportunities for Professional Residential Channel Partners

For dealers and installers across the nation, business is booming as the skyrocketing demand from customers seeking entertainment and smart home tech solutions ripples across the industry due to COVID-19 confinement over the past two years. All indications point towards a sustained demand for products that enhance life at home. To continue to meet this demand, dealers and installers are in dire need of solutions that fit seamlessly into the day-to-day lives of their customers, look phenomenal, and exceed client expectations every time. A new Swiss/American company, AVA, has created the product portfolio that fills the need for those very solutions.  

Built for integrators, by those who understand integration

“Each of the founders of AVA come from, and are grounded to, the professional installation world,” said Raphael Oberholzer, CEO and co-founder of AVA. “For the past several years, we’ve been hard at work in the lab designing our dream product for the professional channel – the solution we all wished existed while we were installers. Now, we’re ready to share that dream solution with authorized professionals because, we believe, it is through the channel that the highest quality experiences are delivered to end customers.”    

With focus first and foremost on the professional residential installation channel, AVA products have been designed to be simple to deploy, competitively priced, operate harmoniously with other systems and solutions within the home, and above all, provide an exceptional customer experience.

A powerhouse in the palm of your hand

Founded by former executives from both NEEO and Control4, love, and dare we say it, obsession, with controllers and meticulously designed interfaces pulses through AVA’s veins. From this passion, the AVA Remote was born. As the world’s first Google-certified remote control, the AVA Remote can download native Android apps from the massive library on the Google Play Store. Native app use is one of the hidden superpowers of the AVA Remote. No clone apps, no API’s no user interfaces that vary ever so slightly from what installer’s customers are used to. The AVA Remote downloads, and runs, the full native version of client’s favorite smart home system device apps, enabling full, uniform, and seamless control.    

In the hands of the installer, the limitations of the AVA Remote are only restrained by the imagination. The AVA Remote can be tailor-programed to contain only the apps that are most relevant to a specific user’s environment, thus providing a fast, reliable, and intuitive way to execute entertainment and home control scenes and commands.   

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A streaming audio solution that’s music to your ears

“We’re on a mission to put true stereo back into people’s homes, while providing all the advantages of today’s most popular connected speakers,” commented Oberholzer. To achieve this goal, AVA forged a partnership with legendary audio manufacturer, Revox, to bring the AVA Streaming Audio System to life. Intended as a true-stereo 2.1 channel system, the AVA Streaming Audio System consists of two AVA Speakers, and one AVA Bass Module.  

Available to installers in either an Active or Passive bundle to fit both the needs, and budget of their customers, the full 2.1 system seamlessly combines the simplicity and versatility of connected speakers with the sound quality of true high-end speakers.

Add AVA to your offerings

AVA is actively searching for authorized partners to become AVA dealers and installers. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can offer AVA products to your customers, apply to become a dealer here. Additionally, AVA is holding regular educational webinars to introduce their product portfolio. Click here to sign up for the next AVA webinar

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