Sonance Dealers Address Array of Outdoor Audio Applications

Sonance makes outdoor solutions that are designed to disappear, making way for the exceptional details of exterior spaces – plus, having the James Loudspeaker brand adds even more possibilities for custom integrators.

Having pioneered the landscape category over a decade ago, Sonance established itself as the industry leader in outdoor audio early on, notes Courtney Santana, residential channel marketing manager at Sonance.

Now that the company has added the acclaimed customizability, durable craftsmanship and output of James Loudspeaker marine-grade audio, the Sonance family of brands offers outdoor solutions that are equipped to deliver on aesthetic and performance across a full spectrum of applications, she adds.

“We do have an extensive range of outdoor solutions,” Santana says. “I’d say our most popular and well known would be our outdoor systems – series of satellite speakers that are staked in the ground or mounted to trees, and then buried subwoofers as well.”

She mentions that Sonance branded solutions range from the four-speaker, one-subwoofer Patio Series to the Garden Series all the way up to a total and customizable solution represented by the Landscape Series.

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James Loudspeaker Wedge & Outdoor Tower Offer Unique Options

Meanwhile, beyond the success of Sonance landscape audio systems, the company’s acquisition of James Loudspeaker a few years back expands the offering to include a variety of surface-mounted and free-standing outdoor solutions, including the uniquely designed Wedge speaker and the AT (all terrain) Outdoor Tower.

The James Loudspeaker Wedge is custom built to the precise length of an exterior wall, allowing the speaker to tuck up into the corner of the ceiling and wall surface, seemingly becoming part of the aesthetic design.

The result is integrators can provide customers exceptional audio that blends in with the architecture and withstands the harsh demands outdoors, Santana says.

“Some of the more unique solutions that really empower us as a company are the James Loudspeaker Outdoor Towers, which are ultra-high-performance – they come in three different performance levels – and then we’ve also got the Wedge speaker, which is really unique,” Santana says.

“It’s great for pergolas and exterior surfaces.”

Bottom line, Santana enthuses, is that Sonance and James Loudspeaker offer a comprehensive suite of solutions with considerations for design, application and unique installation requirements for dealers to deliver audio that will elevate entertainment outside.

Hear more from Santana in the video above and visit Sonance and James Loudspeaker websites for details.

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