Vivint Smart Home’s New COO Comes from AT&T

Rasesh Patel will become the new chief operating officer (COO) at Vivint Smart Home after serving in various executive leadership roles at AT&T for the past seven years.

Effective mid-May, Rasesh will oversee the company’s operations as well as its technology and product platform.

During his time at AT&T, Rasesh was responsible for its portfolio-wide P&L with $35B of annual revenue, as well as its integrated platforms, products and solutions including fiber, 5G, Edge, IoT, cybersecurity, collaboration, and cloud connectivity.

Additionally, Rasesh brings 20-plus years experience building technology service businesses, according to a Vivint press release.

“Rasesh has a proven set of skills and knowledge that will further accelerate our momentum as a leading smart home platform in the industry,” said David Bywater, CEO of Vivint Smart Home.

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“His strong track record of achieving operational excellence, growing profitable businesses, and delivering innovative product and platform solutions make him an ideal leader to bring smart security, smart energy, and smart insurance into a seamless customer experience that will redefine what it means to live in a smart home.”

Rasesh has also served as senior vice president of customer experience for DIRECTV, where he focused on developing an omni-channel customer experience, while simultaneously driving operating efficiencies.

“I have been so impressed with the Vivint team and the company’s plans to make homes smarter, more energy efficient and more secure,” said Patel. “Vivint has already brought a category-defining smart home experience to millions of customers, yet there is still so much opportunity to innovate on this incredible platform. It’s a very exciting time to be joining the company.”

Rasesh received an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of California, Irvine.

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