Do You Ever Use Your Tech Installation Skills Just for Fun?

I am certainly not an AV installer. If I’m honest, I don’t fully know how a matrix switcher works (I know what they aremind you, but if you were to ask me how it actually gets AV signals from one place to another, I couldn’t explain it convincingly). In short: my AV installation skills are, at best, theoretical, and at worst, nonexistent.

That being said, I’m quite curious to know more about how installers keep themselves up to date. I’m not talking about AV certifications and courses, no…I mean: do installers do anything in their free time just for fun which also utilizes some of those work skills?

Have you ever daisy-chained screens together? Maybe you created some sort of immersive projection sculpture? Something else?

Whether it was for home improvement, artistic, or other interesting purposes, if you’ve ever used your AV installation skills to create something that wasn’t work-related, we’d like to know about it (and maybe see it, if you have pictures or video!).

If you’ve ever put your skills to use outside of work, shoot me an email at:

I look forward to seeing what the industry has created!


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