How to Do a Great Landscape Lighting Demo

There is an art to doing a great outdoor lighting demo for clients, and Bruce Kenison, national sales director at Garden Light LED, knows exactly how to do it.

“I tell integrators for about $3,000 they can get into the landscape lighting business,” he says. That $3,000 investment is for two items: the Garden Light LED Sales Presentation Kit and the company’s Showtime Closer Kit.

The Sales Presentation Kit is a beautiful case that comes on wheels. Integrators can simply roll it into the clients house and open it up to showcase all of Garden Light LED’s products.  

“We CNC machine our products, which are brass, stainless aluminum, or stainless steel. Inside the case are all of our most popular fixtures with all different finishes, with an e coating of architectural bronze, white or black,” says Kenison.

The kit is an opportunity for customers to handle the product physically versus looking at photos on a website or in a brochure. It’s a chance for integrators to point out features such as the double gasket compression-fit silicone-sealed lens in the directional downlights that protect it from insect infestation.

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“There’s nothing like actually putting a fixture in your hands,” comments Kenison.

The Showtime Closer Kit is a temporary system that an integrator can set up for the client. It uses a transformer wire so there is no need to bury anything for the demo. In all, it takes about 15 minutes to set up.

“There are two keys to the best demo. First, you want to make sure it’s completely dark because if you turn it on at dusk the ‘wow factor’ is gone. The lights don’t look as impressive. Second, you should illuminate only one side of the house and not the other, because when you light up the Showtime Closer and one side of the house is lit the other side is not, the client can immediately see how beautiful the house looks when it is lit up at night and how bad it looks when it’s not,” says Kenison.

He recommends integrators not just think about lighting the house, but the plants, stonewalls and other hardscapes. He says dealers report an 80% closing rate on the spot when they use the Showtime Closer Kit. Moreover, the kit will help dealers expand the project size in many cases.

“A lot of times the system is determined to be 40 lights, but once you put the showtime closer up, the next thing you know it’s 60 to 70 lights.  It’s going to help close the job and it’s also going to help sell more fixtures,” he contends.

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