Time to Submit Entries for 2022 CE Pro Home of the Year Awards

CE Pro’s Home of the Year Awards is the most prestigious award program for the professional installation market, and it is time once again for custom integrators to get their great projects entered! The awards recognize the best technologies, products, and services for the smart home.

There’s a lot of planning, collaboration, and installation and design ingenuity that goes into every project you do. CE Pro believes your company is deserving of a pat on the back … or rather, a coveted CE Pro Home of the Year Award. By submitting one of your pet projects (or many more than one) to CE Pro, you’ll have a chance at receiving this prestigious honor. (View last year’s winners here.)

There are numerous categories in which to submit your entry — from the Best Budget/Compromises Project to the Best Home Theater Over $100K. You can also gain accolades for Best Lighting Control and Shading Solutions, and if you’ve decked out the outdoors or some other space, be sure to gather all the pertinent information and enter.

Winners will be selected by a seasoned panel of judges and Gold, Silver and Bronze winners in each of the categories will be announced during CEDIA Expo, which will run September 29 – October 1, 2022 in Dallas.

See more details below as well as on the entry registration site, which can be found HERE.

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What will I need to enter?

To complete your submission, you will need the following information (* = Mandatory):

Project Photos – Either upload up to 12 photos or provide a link to the photosDo you have permission from the homeowner to submit this project? * – Yes or NoCity where the project was completedState/Province where the project was completed *The country where the project was completed *Is the home currently occupied? * – Yes or NoIs the homeowner willing to be mentioned by name in the article? * – Yes or NoIs the homeowner willing to be interviewed? * – Yes or NoName(s) of Homeowner(s)Has this project been submitted to other magazines for potential publication? * – If yes, please name themWould you like to recognize a participant? * – Recognize an employee, trade partner or other parties in this project that made a special contribution. – Yes or No.If yes – Please provide the name of participant and relationship to the projectProject Cost *Has this home been professionally photographed? * – Yes or NoYes – Please provide the photographer’s name, phone number, and email.No – If no, will the homeowner(s) allow us to send a photographer into their home? – Yes or NoEquipment Used * – Write out or upload a list – Please provide a full equipment list of everything used in this installation. Everything! In addition to all of the controls, displays, and A/V equipment, don’t forget wire and cable, power management, lighting, A/V furniture, security, phones, networking, etc. Provide the quantity, manufacturer, and model number.Challenges and Compromises * – What were the biggest challenges and compromises on this project? Explain what the challenges were, how you overcame them and how the compromises were resolved with the client, trade partners, and other external forces. (up to 200 words)What makes this project stand out? * – Consider your technical prowess, product lines, special skills, special relationships, licensing, operations and processes, etc. (up to 200 words)Project description * – Please provide a promotional description to be used in print and online. (up to 200 words)

What is eligible?

Any home installation project that was completed between August 1, 2021, and September 6, 2022, is eligible for entry. The home must be completed and occupied with photographs available to show the results. 

Who can enter?

Custom electronics installation firms, PR agencies, and manufacturers may enter, provided all of the project submission information is completed as required.

What is the entry fee?

$347 for the first project entered by July 1, 2022$397 for the first project entered after July 1, 2022$247 for each additional entry

What is the deadline for submissions?

Early-Bird Deadline: July 1, 2022Deadline: September 6, 2022

When are the winners announced?

Winners will be announced during the CEDIA Expo from September 29 – October 1, 2022 in Dallas.

How are the entries judged?

A number of industry experts, as well as the CE Pro editorial staff, will consider all aspects involved in an installation, such as project creativity, innovation, equipment incorporated, obstacles overcome, homeowner priorities met, aesthetics and lifestyle benefits.

Click here to view all of the categories.

Find more details and begin entering your fantastic projects HERE

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