URC Total Control Fuels Massive Modern Farmhouse Project

AAA might be known for assisting automobile owners, but in the world of custom integration the folks at AAA Electronic Services in Queens, N.Y., also know how to provide top-notch service for clients. For this homeowner situated in a unique Metro New York neighborhood, AAA Electronic Services partnered with interior designers, engineers and builders to make visions of state-of-the-art smart home and home entertainment their new reality.

While the design aesthetic is a blend of modern amenities and traditional farmhouse visual cues, the technology demands of a contemporary family fueled this client’s hopes.

Gaming, streaming video, home office, security and automation created a need for next-generation technology. With decades of experience delivering on such requests, director of operations Yash Momaya and the AAA Electronic Services team designed a system that presents a luxury lifestyle with all the amenities of a resort and the functionality of a sophisticated home office.

During phase two of renovation, the home is nearly complete with reimagined smart home amenities backboned via URC’s Total Control platform to automate actions, control other systems and integrate with products from several brands.

The system includes single-touch control throughout the home via 16 TKP-7600 touchscreens. With AAA Electronics’ expert programming, the system incorporates automated audio, video, climate, lighting, shading, security and several exterior subsystems for unified control and uniquely luxurious living.

Measuring Supply Chain Impacts on Home Entertainment

The home entertainment category is especially susceptible to the supply chain crisis because there are so many individual components required. Despite that ongoing problem, the once-forgotten “home theater” category continued its strong comeback in 2021 likely driven by the ongoing house-bound public due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Download your copy today!

The addition of 13 TRC-1480 devices takes simple touch or voice command throughout the house – controlling the family’s favorite streaming content and the rest of the Total Control system.

AAA Electronic Services Specs Extensive Audio System

With audio being another major key to the house, Momaya and AAA Electronic Services wanted to ensure high-quality listening experiences throughout. They designed and installed a full 32 zones of audio, aided by five of URC’s DMS-1200 multizone amplifiers and integrating devices like a Denon Heos Drive HS2 streaming amp, CasaTunes CT-8+ amp, Beale Street A120 sub amplifier, and Crown Audio CR-CDi 1000 amplifier.

The homeowners can access their preferred audio streaming services via Total Control integration and enjoy music from 40 loudspeakers including Russound, Vanco Beale Street, and Snap One Episode models.

AAA Electronic Services’ Yash Momaya (right) guided his team’s extensive URC Total Control project.

“The homeowner had a clear vision of the design aesthetic and lifestyle elements needed in the home, and URC’s Total Control helped us deliver on both,” says Momaya of the control and integration required on this extensive project.

URC’s Lutron, DoorBird Integration Raise Comfort & Convenience

To elevate comfort and peace of mind, automated lighting control and shading were integrated into the smart home design. AAA Electronic Services created a system with Lutron products throughout the home including 11 Maestro RF Dimmers with PRO LED+ Technology and 10 seeTouch scene keypads in colors specifically chosen to match the upscale decor.

Both interior and exterior lights were scheduled to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise. Lutron Sivoia QS Roller Shades were programmed to regulate the amount of direct sunlight in the home and provide privacy effortlessly.

“Integrating Lutron with URC is fairly straight forward,” states Momaya. “With Lutron’s new RadioRA 3 system, it should get even simpler to design and program great experiences for my customers.”

Additional integrations included a DoorBird D101 IP Video Door Station at the gate to monitor for safety and provide easy access by the homeowner. Snap One Wattbox provides the project’s power needs, and a Ubiquiti home network delivers reliable coverage inside and out.

“The high level of integration between URC and many other third parties certainly made everything convenient for programming and use by the end user,” Momaya says. “The team at URC is always a pleasure to deal with.”

Barry Schultz, URC’s New York Metro Territory sales manager, can attest to AAA Electronic Services’ efforts pulling it all together.

“This is one of the most extensive and intricate residential installations using Total Control,” Schultz notes. “Both Yash and the homeowner created a master smart home with extensive integration across multiple platforms creating a showcase for the epitome of today’s smart home.”

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