Dynaudio Focus Series Wireless Speakers First to Integrate Dirac Live

The audiophile community stands to benefit from the latest Scandinavian innovation as Swedish room correction technology specialist Dirac and Danish speaker brand Dynaudio have announced that Dynaudio’s new Focus Series wireless models will come “Dirac Ready” to run Dirac Live Room Correction for studio-grade sound.

The three models — Focus 10, Focus 30 and Focus 50 — mark the first collaboration between the two audio companies, and each in the speaker series is now available globally. 

Dirac Live — integrated for the first time directly into a streaming speaker — allows users to easily achieve dramatically enhanced sound experiences such as a larger sweet spot, more accurate staging, enhanced clarity and voice intelligibility, and a deeper, tighter bass, the company explains. 

Dynaudio’s commitment to providing its customers with the very best in audio performance is second to none – and the Focus series is the latest evidence of this commitment’s strength,” says Erik Rudolphi, Dirac’s VP of Home & Pro Audio. “For more than a decade, Dirac Live has been the market’s leading room correction solution, used by luxury home theaters, professional studios, and commercial cinemas.

“Now, through our collaboration with Dynaudio, we’ve integrated Dirac Live into a streaming speaker to set a new standard in streamed sound. Though the launch of Focus is a milestone for both companies, it’s only the first step in what will no doubt become a long and fruitful collaboration.”

The interaction between a speaker system and the layout of a room has a significant impact on audio quality, for which Dirac Live digitally compensates to elevate the sonic performance levels, according to the company.

Dirac Live accomplishes this through a patented mixed-phase impulse response correction technology that corrects not just magnitude response, but also time domain, the company says.

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Dynaudio Focus Offers Plentiful Streaming & Playback Options

The new Focus speakers leverage the vaunted Dynaudio driver and same amplifiers featured in the company’s professional reference monitors to bring studio-quality sound home. Its built-in streaming platform aids a system that will work without required tweaking or accessories, the company notes. 

“Having Dirac Live support aboard our Focus series is crucial,” says Jens Lynge Petersen, Dynaudio’s CTO.

“We spent months refining, tuning and perfecting its performance in-house. But every room is different – and Dirac’s technology gives listeners the opportunity to perfectly tailor their speakers for their space. It’s that last few percent, and for the true power-users, it makes all the difference.”

In addition to Dirac Live, the Focus speakers also support Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect, Apple AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast, Qplay, UPnP, Netradio and Bluetooth.

Additional features include an auto-switch that intelligently adjusts user inputs depending on which source they want to use – coaxial, optical digital inputs and analog connections enable owners to use a CD player or turntable alongside streaming services. 

The slim speaker cabinets are available in four finishes (White High Gloss, Black High Gloss, Walnut Wood and Blonde Wood) designed to blend in with real-life interior decor.

Dynaudio Focus Series users can download, activate and purchase Dirac Live licenses to benefit from the Dirac Ready feature.

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