Russound Intros New Outdoor Speakers, Touchscreen, Bluetooth Source Kit

Russound, the New Hampshire-based manufacturer of home audio solutions for the integrator channel, recently previewed a new slate of outdoor subwoofers, rock and landscape speakers at ISE 2022 (Integrated Systems Europe) in Barcelona, Spain. The company also announced the new XTS7 7-inch Android Touchscreen and updated Bluetooth source kit to augment Russound audio systems in various applications.

“We used one of the premier AV technology events in the world to offer a glimpse of the extensive new selection of outdoor models coming this summer,” says Charlie Porritt, CEO, Russound. “More than a line refresh, updated designs and technology result in a demonstrable upgrade that will dramatically increase the outdoor sound installation opportunities for Russound dealers.”

New Outdoor Speakers & Subs at a Glance

Scheduled for delivery in June, the updated selection includes eight new models, two of which will be available in a variety of colors. The outdoor speakers and subwoofers include:

5R82mk2 8″ Front-Firing Outdoor Rock Speaker: A two-way speaker, with a new 1.1-inch metal dome tweeter, enhanced woofer and a redesigned crossover available in gray granite, sandstone and weathered granite, with a frequency range of 58Hz – 20kHz.

5R8SUB 8″ Outdoor Rock Subwoofer: An 8-inch subwoofer available in gray granite, sandstone and weathered granite, the 5R8 is a front-firing model with a deep bass response rated at 40Hz – 200Hz.

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AW6-LS-BR 6” Landscape Speaker: Featuring a rust- and chip-proof aluminum grille and composite construction designed for years of reliable performance. Frequency range is 80Hz – 20kHz.

AW10-HSUB-BR 10” Hardscape Subwoofer: Incorporating a down-firing design and rugged ASA+HDPE enclosure, with a frequency response of 38Hz – 300Hz.

XTS7 7” Android Touchscreen for Russound Systems & More

The XTS7 7-inch Android Touchscreen is an advanced, intuitive control designed to provide an always-available control point for Russound systems or any smart home application, the company says.

The Russound XTS7 is fueled by the company’s app.

Powered by the Russound app, the new touchscreen (SRP $499) features a high-resolution display and quad core processor that offers control of Russound’s core products.

In addition, it provides access to the Google Play store, allowing users to install any Android application.

“The XTS7 offers the dual benefits of a familiar interface for end-users while giving installers and their customers the power and convenience of full access to the Google Play Store,” says Porritt.

“Android is the operating system of choice for over 80% of consumers, making the XTS7 a lucrative option for installers at every level.”

Mounting is tailored to a portrait mode installation in either single-gang, double-gang, and 60mm Euro boxes, with a low profile that easily blends with any décor.

Russound BSK-2 Source Kit Adds Bluetooth to Audio Systems

Scheduled to ship in Q4, the BSK-2 is a complete source kit featuring Russound’s BTC-2X Remote Transceiver and the BTC-2 Audio Hub, able to add Bluetooth to any audio system, according to the company.

The two-piece design offers audio wiring and power connections with the Bluetooth transceiver able to be located up to 300 feet from the connected audio devices.

The BSK-2 kit is used to add multiple Bluetooth inputs to a Russound MCA-66 or MCA-88 controller by way of the BTC-2X transceiver, which adds a single source of Bluetooth audio to Russound controllers that feature built-in audio and power connections.

“Even the most complex custom installations call for a dependable Bluetooth solution that is both technically advanced and easy to implement,” says Porritt.

“The BSK-2 is as easy to install as it is to use.”

The BTC-2X remote receiver may be placed anywhere in the home. Connection via Cat 5 wiring is made between the transceiver and the source box near the home audio system or standalone amplifier, within 300 feet.

Russound’s BTC-2X transceiver works in tandem with the BTC-2 Audio Hub.

In addition, the BTC-2X can be used as a standalone Bluetooth audio source when the additional 300-foot range is not necessary. The BTC-2X also offers a contact closure option to initiate pairing mode, simplifying usage in hospitality or MDU installations.

Russound notes the BSK-2 includes analog and digital inputs, both automatic and manual pairing modes, and, when used with MCA-66 or MCA-88 controllers, full album art and related metadata. Up to eight Bluetooth receivers may be used with the Russound controllers.

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