New Solar Monitoring Program Announced By has stepped into the solar business with its new integrated solar monitoring solution.

Designed for service providers, the program includes a new Solar Automation & Awareness service package and Solar Program Certification Course.’s solar monitoring offering allows customers with SolarEdge and Enphase inverters (which combined account for more than 90% of all solar inverters in the U.S., according to the company) to monitor home solar panel energy production and consumption.

With the Solar Monitoring add-on, subscribers can track energy data for the day, week, past month and past 12 months. All within the mobile app, users can monitor the property’s solar data alongside security and other energy-saving devices and features, to lower power bills, and reduce environmental footprint.

As part of a comprehensive smart energy management solution, solar monitoring gives subscribers the information and insights to reduce overall energy consumption and manage a broad ecosystem of automation devices to compensate when solar production is low, such as raising the thermostat setpoint or turning off lights, according to the company.

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“ offers solar monitoring as part of an all-in-one solution in response to the customer’s desire for sustainable energy solutions with their home automation and security system,” says Shawn Barry, vice president of strategic sales at

“The Solar Monitoring integration enables homeowners with SolarEdge or Enphase inverters to monitor home solar panel energy production and consumption in the mobile app, empowering them to make smarter decisions about home energy use.” says service provider partners recognize the growing opportunity that solar energy solutions can have on their business but many haven’t been sure where to start — however — the Solar Program can help service providers by integrating third-party solar market leaders into the proposal, licensing, and installation process.

The Solar Program offers two new solar service plans that are available to either prospective or current customers.

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