How to Effectively Hide Linear Lighting

With the increasing popularity of indirect lighting and the affordability of tape lighting, tape lighting is becoming a dominant part of every lighting installation. But what is the best way to hide that lighting while at the same time not lessening its effectiveness in the room?

SeeLess Solutions offers affordable, plaster cove lighting solutions that solve the challenges of conventional installation and improve tape lighting housing by removing plastic lensing, aluminum/acrylic channels and any special framing accommodations,” says Elena Oulitina, COO of Los Angeles-based SeeLess Solutions.

Made for corner applications, the company’s unique Crown Coves are especially advantageous for ease of installation in retrofits or new construction. Designed to be installed like crown moldings, the gypsum-made coves simply screw directly into corners.

The rounded back design creates a cavity behind the channel permitting ample space to run wires behind it, eliminating the need for special framing. The company has even created special inside-corner moulding units to eliminate the sometimes difficult task of cutting and inside-corner moulding.

“The technology is the backbone of every house but I needed to make it a little bit less painful and get to a place where the technology is there, but we are really seeing less of it, so that’s where the name See-Less Solutions came from,” says president Shalom Illouz, who also runs Powerful Systems, a top custom integration company.

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“The whole idea is to see less of the technology. Even though you can’t necessarily make it disappear, we can make it be less obtrusive and more low key. It’s a small detail that makes a big impression.”

He points out that the company’s products are not only focused on the aesthetics but also designed to not inhibit the performance of the technology. The company makes not only its Cove Lighting product but also products for hiding wireless access points, smoke detectors, and interfaces.

SeeLess Solutions coves are brand-agnostic. The built-in curves of dual channels hide the LED strips giving a clean light reflectance while doubling the number of lumens and adding color tuning capabilities. To add creative options for artful use of extravagant lighting with the mud-in application, the coves come with accessories that facilitate easy directional shifting, simplifying the installation, and removing the worry over potential hot spots.

“For an integrator, who’s already making a profound impact on the space, the lighting comes as a natural extension of your existing product line. With easy-to-install and elegant solutions, SeeLess coves will transform the atmosphere and mood of any space,” addsOulitina.

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