Rotel Announces RA-6000, DT-6000 Integrated Amp and DAC Transport

Celebrating its 60th anniversary, the new Rotel RA-6000 integrated amplifier and DT-6000 DAC Transport are the company’s newest Diamond Series products.

Rotel explains that Diamond Series products get their designation from the brand’s 60-year history of high value, high-performing solutions, and the Diamond Series components incorporate the company’s latest audio engineering concepts, along with its latest industrial designs.

A Closer Look at the Rotel RA-6000 & DT-6000 Components

The Rotel RA-6000 is said to deliver 350 watts of power into 4-ohm speaker loads, and the product utilizes the company’s Michi circuit design, as well as Michi acoustic components and power supply engineering concepts.

Rotel says that its latest integrated amplifier offers integrators a choice of inputs that include three digital coaxial, three optical, a PC-USB input that supports MQA, as well as three analog inputs, wireless Bluetooth with aptX, Balanced (XLR), moving magnet phono and iOS USB for Apple products.

Offering music fans a source solution, the Rotel RA-6000’s companion component is the DT-6000 DAC Transport. Rotel states the DT-6000 incorporates a PC-USB input that supports MQA and DSD audio, and it renders 32-bit/384kHz audio files via its coaxial and optical inputs to allow for the connection of streaming devices and media players.

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The DT-6000 DAC Transport also offers users a CD tray to provide more media playback flexibility.

Internally, the DAC Transport employs the 8-channel ESS Sabre ES9028PRO digital-to-analog converter (DAC) chipset that is set up with dedicated four Mono DACs to each the left and right channels.

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Rotel says the DAC Transport also employs redundant signal processing of the digital data stream to extract high levels of detail, along with a low noise floor.

In addition, Rotel says the DT-6000 uses an in-house toroidal transformer that includes high-efficiency slit foil smoothing capacitors that are said to reduce stray emissions to produce isolated, low-noise power to all of the product’s critical circuits.

The new Rotel RA-6000 integrated amplifier and DT-6000 DAC Transport will be available in July 2022 in a choice of black or silver finishes.

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