Veteran Rep Firm MarketMakers Acquired by C&E Marketing

MarketMakers, Inc., a consumer electronics rep firm based in the Southeastern United States, has been acquired by C&E Marketing, a Patrick Industries company. The MarketMakers team of Liz & Jim Kershaw, Ben & Honey Van De Kreke, and Rick Lozano have spent their entire careers in service to the AV industry.

“With this effort, we have assured that our factories and our dealers will all have solid support for the brands we have proudly represented over many years,” says Jim Kershaw, who can now hopefully spend more time honing his once-excellent golf game.

“We have known Mike Sajecki and his team for more than two decades. Their commitments as made to the dealers and manufacturers are in sync with ours, so we know that our brands and our customers will be in good hands. After a lifetime of service to the consumer electronics industry, we will be working with the C&E Team to assure a smooth transition.”  

“Having worked in consumer electronics for so many years, this was a difficult decision to make. As an industry, we all have made a difference in products, branding, and marketing, and we fostered the changes as were required to embrace custom installation. My sincere thanks to all the people I have met for their friendship and education along the way. I can honestly say, I was never bored!” says Honey Van De Kreke.

“Over the years, our dealers and manufacturers have become our friends and family,” says Liz Kershaw. “We are so honored to have become a part of their businesses and lives. C&E Southeast is the best fit in the territory to further the business goals of our dealers, and to service the brands that we helped grow.” 

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Mike Sajecki adds, “Liz, Honey, Jim, and Rick leave an amazing legacy of support and insight for the dealers in the Southeast and the vendors they represented. The C&E Marketing team is excited to build upon the foundation they have created over the years. Nick, Brian, George, Clarke, Matt, and Joe will be working hard to get up to speed on all the MarketMakers brands and customers.”

The MarketMakers personnel will be providing background data and intellectual property to the C&E-Southeast team, as they will assume all responsibilities and management of the MarketMakers brands beginning on July 1, 2022.

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The strength of the brand mix resulting from this acquisition will enhance the market presence for all involved, as the C&E sales team builds upon the synergies that are sure to come from this effort.  

MarketMakers’ lines include Atlantic Technology, Flexson, Bowers & Wilkins, Clarus/Tributaries, Enclave, IC Realtime, Planar, Salamander Designs, Simplified Manufacturing, Sound Xtra, Stewart Filmscreen, Torus Power, and Trinnov Audio.

For more information or any other inquiries, please contact Jim Kershaw at 615-831-9690 or, or Michael Sajecki at 305-594-4948 or

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