Even the Smallest Spaces Deserve Brilliant Light

What transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones is impeccable lighting. And lighting is all about the fine details — the toe kick accent that defines and anchors the kitchen island, the soft cove lighting set behind a mirror, and the cabinet lighting that adds sparkle to the glassware.

It’s never been easier to deliver these experiences than with Lutron’s new LS0 Lightbar Slim — a modular linear lighting system that delivers stunning light in a sleek, and fully integrated fixture. Lightbar Slim brings all the power of Ketra – from its High Def Palette to its Dynamic Spectrum and Color Lock capabilities — in a small form factor with runs up to 24 feet in a single low-voltage feed.

Its customizable lengths, powerful lumen range, and flexible connectors make it ideal for bookcases, under cabinets, and small coves on any project.

“It’s important to have a mixture of downlights and linear as it really helps to add comfort to a space and gives the designer more flexibility to be able to appropriately layer lighting in for their scenes, along with adding actually more drama and personality to the space,” explains Jay Williams, residential lighting director at Lutron.

“When you take a normal day-to-day scene, like natural, and then you transition into something that’s more tailored to a specific moment in the space, like dining, entertainment, movie time, or relaxing, you can have greater shifts in the actual environment itself, in order to set the mood and actually evoke more emotion. And with these types of emotions, and that connection that the end-user ends up having with that lighting, those are the things they tend to be really proud of, they go tell their friends about, and then it ends up leading into more referrals and potential business for them.”

Plan your next extraordinary space with Lightbar Slim. Find out more at luxury.lutron.com.


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