Environmental Lights: REVI Driverless Downlights Are Gamechangers

Low-voltage lighting is rapidly transforming the AV market by providing integrators with new revenue opportunities. Adding low-voltage lighting to projects enables integrators to “own the ceiling” and expand their wallet-share of projects, and the Environmental Lights team is ready to assist them.

Driverless Downlighting Fixtures & Remote Power: Driverless low-voltage downlighting fixtures are a gamechanger. Eliminating the driver removes heat (the enemy of LEDs) and enables a smaller, more dependable fixture that receives its power remotely. Power supplies are rack-mount-ed, integrated with the primary control system, and configured to run multiple LED fixtures — all from up to 200 feet away! This enables easy power management while eliminating the need to run expensive ROMEX wiring.

LED Accent Lighting: Accent lighting provides the “wow factor” for altering spaces in ways traditional lighting can’t. Linear accent lighting applications can range from toe-kick lighting all the way to cove lighting, and also provide a wide range of backlighting opportunities. Multiple color options are available including tunable white for biophilia applications.

Control Agnostic: Low-voltage downlighting is easy to integrate with lighting control systems. From custom homes using major control systems to production homes with switch-based controls, low voltage downlighting is simple to control and easy to integrate.


The REVI Illumination system from Environmental Lights is a great example of a quality low-volt-age downlighting solution designed with integrators, for integrators. REVI features programmable, RDM-enabled drivers and configurable fixtures. It facilitates easy installations, remote power management and simple integration with control systems.

—Michael Krupinsky, Vice President of Marketing, Environmental Lights


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