CE Pro 100 Integrator Wipliance Acquires Eastern Wash.-Based Huppin’s

Perennial CE Pro 100 integrator Wipliance has been establishing its name in the Seattle area for over 15 years, and now it has bolstered its presence in the eastern portion of Washington by acquiring a company that’s been around for almost a century longer.

On July 2, Huppin’s, a 114-year family-owned residential and commercial technology solutions provider, was acquired by Wipliance to combine the resources of two of the Northwest’s most well known custom installation companies.

Headquartered in Bellevue, Wash., Wipliance specializes in audio/video, theater, automation, lighting control and fixtures, and shading. Since 2006, Wipliance has been creating smart spaces in Arizona (out of its Scottsdale location), Washington, and surrounding areas. It was No. 38 in this year’s CE Pro 100 list, with 2021 revenues of $8.5 million.

Family-owned and operated since 1908, Huppin’s has a history of innovation. In 1994, Huppin’s business expanded online as “OneCall” to tap into the budding internet marketplace. OneCall quietly grew in Spokane to become a leading online retailer nationally. 

“Since 1908, when my great grandfather Sam opened his tailor shop in downtown Spokane, the Huppin’s brand has put its customers first,” says Murray Huppin, Huppin’s president.

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“Over time, we have seen a shift from customers wanting traditional retail options to either online for DIY, or customized professionally integrated solutions. The industry has diverged, and we believe Wipliance is the right choice to offer these services to our community.” 

Wipliance owner Lee Travis immediately saw similarities between their company and Huppin’s. “We have been inspired by the Huppin’s brand and its legacy since we started our company back in 2006. Our own mission statement centers around delighting clients. Huppin’s has operated with this mission in mind for the last 114 years and we are proud to be adding their team to our family.”

Besides being among the CE Pro 100 integrator ranks for the past dozen years, Travis and Wipliance was recognized as the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) TechHome Division Integrator of the Year during the CES 2019 Mark of Excellence Awards ceremony. CE Pro profiled Wipliance in June 2019, noting how the integrator has done especially well creating special events, cultivating a YouTube presence and managing to balance operations from locations 1,400 miles apart.

Lee Travis and Wipliance will now have bases in Bellevue and Spokane, Wash., and Scottsdale, Ariz.

With Wipliance, Eastern Washington and North Idaho residents can now access turnkey solutions, which require significantly higher collaboration than traditional retail transactions. Wipliance’s experience in this area combined with the talented Eastern Washington team of experts is a perfect match. 

“The last few years have made us all realize how important our spaces are to our overall health and well-being,” says Travis. “For 16 years, our customers have seen firsthand how Wipliance’s solutions can help them get back to the things they love instead of messing with technology.”

The transition to the Wipliance brand will occur gradually over the next year, according to the company. The North Division retail space is now a by-appointment design center featuring Wipliance’s robust family of products and services. OneCall, Huppin’s online division, is not part of the acquisition and will continue to be led by Murray Huppin.  

“For 114 years, the most important thing to my family has been to put our customers first,” adds Huppin. “We’re grateful to our community for their support and to the talented employees who have driven the growth and evolution of the business. The team at Wipliance operates in the same way, and I wouldn’t trust our brand, and our company’s future, to anyone else.”

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