How Do You Describe Hidden Technology to Buyers?

While they say a picture is worth a thousand words, how you describe your ability to hide the technology can often make a difference.

Of course, the best option is to show customers the solutions within your showroom, or using product samples, images, or literature. In a recent survey, we asked integrators how they describe the various “hidden” technologies to customers.

“Hidden,” “invisible,” “concealed” and “discreet” are by far the most commonly used terms, which might be good verbiage to use on your websites to attract customers to your solutions.

Other terms that CE pros use include “small,” “aesthetically pleasing,” “out of sight,” “understated,” “unseen,” “sleek,” “modern,” “visually pleasing” and “stealth.”

Some of the more creative terms dealers are using for their design packages are “art mode,” “magic,” “harmonious,” “minimalistic,” “decorator-friendly,” “hide-away,” “camouflage,” “harmonious,” “pocketed,” “secret” and “designer’s dream” solutions.

One integrator even says he describes his solutions simply by saying, “It’s there, but nobody will know it.” Another says, “It will be designed not to be visible and distract from the architecture.”

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On the flip side, one respondent to the survey remarks, “My customers expect to see the system that I have built for them, especially when every system that I have ever created has a turntable in it! My systems usually have five floorstanding speakers, a center channel and two subs, and an immersive height channel or two.”

So there!


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