Why Industrial Design Remains Central to KEF’s DNA

Loudspeaker manufacturer KEF has been known for balancing sleek industrial design with top performance in its products, from on-wall and architectural speakers to bookshelf and floorstanding models. The company notes that it can help integrators address design-minded clients with the right audio solutions to meet their aesthetics and listening needs.

“I recently met with a marketing agency studying consumer trend analysis. COVID created a shift in consumer behavior, and luckily our industry has benefitted from their newfound interest in home enhancement,” says Stephanie Scola, Vice President, Marketing, KEF.

“This agency performed a digital language scrub and found that consumers can’t fully express exactly what they’re looking for when it comes to connected systems, theaters, and whole-house audio: They want guidance. They want their system to look and sound stunning.”

KEF can support this finding through consumer inquiry and social activity — particularly Pinterest, Scola says.

“We were surprised at how many people were pinning KEF content to home theater and living room ‘boards.’ Industrial design has always been central to KEF’s DNA,” she adds.

KEF has a team of industrial designers on staff focused on the latest furniture and design trends, and often partners with famous design firms on special speaker projects.

“This has allowed KEF to match the desires of today’s consumer,” Scola says. “The number of women pinning our content was impressive, but the number of men pinning surprised us given that Pinterest has largely appealed to women.”

The KEF Music Lounge, which represents a perfect union of elegant interior design and high-end audio integrated bliss (and an ultimate 9.10.6 THX certified home theater to boot), allows the company to educate partners on how to design an integrated audio experience, she adds.

“We’re also increasing consumer awareness so we can send you leads,” Scola notes.

“Document and photograph your projects — show them the possibilities. Whether the preference is a discreet flush mount in-ceiling audio system or a mix of in-wall/floorstanding performance speakers in the living room, with the right partner brand supporting you, anything is possible.”


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