Sony, LG, Hisense Crowned ‘Kings’ in Value Electronics 17th Annual Best TV, Projector Shootout

Sony’s XR-A90J has been crowned the King of 4K TV and LG’s OLEDZXPUA has been crowned the King of 8K TV at the 2021 Value Electronics TV Shootout evaluation event.  The first UST Projector Shootout evaluation was held this year, with Hisense L9G crowned “King of UST Projectors.”  

Value Electronic’s 17th annual TV and UST Projector Shootout was hosted at Company (335 Madison Ave, NYC), and sponsored by Dealerscope. There was very limited in-person attendance this year with the event closed to the public to allow for proper social distancing.  However, a moderated livestream allowed all who were interested to join the experts in reviewing the TVs and participating virtually.  

The flagship TVs and projectors were brought together to be tested and evaluated by video experts in each of the picture quality attributes.  Winners were awarded in each category for 2021: “King of 4K TV,” the “King of 8K TV,” and “King of UST Projectors.”  This was a close competition with premium panels competing. 

4K TV Winners

Here are the 4K TVs competing (in alphabetical order): 

Hisense 75” 75U9DG  LG 65” OLED65G1PUA  Samsung 65” QN65QN90A Sony 65” XR65A90J  

8K TV Winnners

Here are the 8K TVs competing (in alphabetical order): 

LG 77” OLED77ZXPUA  Samsung 75” QN75QN90A  Sony 75” XR75Z9J  

UST Projector Winners

Here are the UST Projectors competing (in alphabetical order): 

Hisense L9G  LG HU85LA  Samsung LSP9T  

Robert Zohn, president of Value Electronics in Scarsdale, N.Y., has been conducting his “King of TV Shootout” for 17 years.

An impressive group of video experts were gathered to test and evaluate the flagship TVs and UST projectors on several attributes of picture quality performance.  All TVs were calibrated to their top potential by well-respected calibrators John Reformato and Jason Dustal so they can be on an equal playing field.  Here’s a list of the panel of judges who determined the King of TV: 

Judges (in alphabetical order): 

Phil Holland, Director and Cinematographer Charlie Anderson, Digital Imaging Technician and Director of Photography (judge only for TV)David Medina, Production Technical Operations Manager, HBO Giles Sherwood, Director of Post Production, Criterion  Jason Diamond, Director and Executive Producer (judge only for TV) Mark Henninger, Projector Reviewer and Photographer/Videographer (judge only for UST) Jason Dustal, ISF III Calibrator and Instructor & Application Engineer, Murideo Jeff Hagerman, Digital Imaging Technician  David Mackenzie, Compressionist, Fidelity in Motion John Reformato, Engineer and ISF III Calibrator Channa De Silva, Techno Dad YouTube Channel owner 

“We would like to thank everyone who has helped to make this a successful event!  Congratulations to all of the manufacturers of the great flagship TVs competing this year,” says Robert Zohn, president of Value Electronics in Scarsdale, N.Y., and a member of the CE Pro Masters.

Here is the judging scorecard:

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