Motorized Lift Helps N.C. Installer Hide 75” Outdoor TV in Custom Fashion

For Mooresville, N.C.-based North Carolina integration firm SoundVision, delivering on specifications and a commitment to a high standard helped create a jaw-dropping outdoor TV entertainment area befitting this home nestled in Lake Norman. To finish the task, the integrator just needed a little lift … well, a strong and reliable motorized lift from Auton Motorized Systems as it turned out.

At 10,000 square feet -square-feet, the home offers breathtaking views of the lake from a large stone patio hidden among trees. The homeowner wanted to make the outdoor area a full extension of the home, with rock formations, a water feature, pool and slide, an outdoor kitchen, and a fireplace with a sitting area. The capstone, however, is what guests don’t immediately see: a 75-inch SunBrite Veranda Series outdoor display.

Although it’s a screen large enough to provide an immersive video experience outdoors, the homeowner wanted it hidden when not in use. To accomplish that goal, SoundVision – No. 98 on this year’s CE Pro 100 – created a design plan that would utilize a display lift rather than traditionally mounting it to a wall or other surface or furniture.

SoundVision Designs to Conceal & Protect SunBrite TV in Cabinetry

The display would stay tucked into custom-made cabinetry, lifting and articulating in any direction at a touch of button on a remote control. Not only would the lift design protect against the elements, but it would also add an unexpected touch of high-tech elegance that complemented the rest of the expansive outdoor area. However, the installation ran aground when the lift originally specified didn’t work as advertised.

“In our line of work, from time to time, we might get product that’s DOA or has gotten a little roughed up in transit. So, we worked with the lift company to get a replacement, but it still wasn’t operating correctly. Then they sent us new motors, but that didn’t solve the issue either,” explains Zach Simpson, SoundVision’s VP of Design and Sales. “Despite its specifications, physically, it just couldn’t lift and articulate a TV of that size.”

Rather than going back to the drawing board since everything was in place for the lift, SoundVision started investigating other lift manufacturers. Solutions needed to be rated for outdoor use; could raise, lower, and articulate even the heaviest displays; and could be fully customized to fit the built-out space.

Simpson turned to Auton Motorized Systems, which specializes in outdoor-rated automated lifts for small and midsize displays, devices and equipment all the way to massive video walls.

“Auton was phenomenal in helping us come up with a solution that was going to work,” Simpson said.

“Because their specialty is building custom solutions, it allowed our homeowner — who owns the foremost carbon fiber manufacturing business in the world and has an engineering background — to collaborate on the design process. It wasn’t a lift coming from warehouse stock, but a one-of-a-kind lift that was going to be manufactured and perform in a way that the client expected.”

Flexible Auton Design Allows for Views from Anywhere

At Auton every lift is made to order, therefore the manufacturer can create the exact lift needed for the environment, travel and articulation, and the cabinetry or structure — and that’s also suited to the homeowner’s attention to detail.

The Auton automated lift enables a SunBrite TV 75-inch Veranda Series display to swivel 360 degrees.

The display, when lifted, can securely and effortlessly spin a full 360 degrees, not just tilt slightly side to side, so it can be seen anywhere on the patio.

Constructed of T6061 aluminum and 316 stainless-steel with an IP55 rating and featuring an onboard weatherproof 120V receptacle, the Auton model for this project is also completely waterproof.

The homeowner also put his stamp on the project, fabricating a carbon fiber cover that fits seamlessly over the unit when it’s closed.

SoundVision integrated a Just Add Power 3G Ultra HD Over IP receiver — the same system used throughout the home — mounted on the back of the display as well as multiple zones of outdoor audio delivered by James Loudspeaker.

“We have a great story to share with our discerning customers who are looking at large-screen outdoor setups,” says Simpson. “A high-quality, customized lift is an investment in their design that’s worth it. Otherwise, they’ll have to compromise on the movement and size of TV.”

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