HP Launches 3 Commercial and Resimercial Products Targeting WFH and Hybrid Employees

The global electronics company HP has announced its Z by HP, Teradici and NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise solutions, which it says support work from home (WFH) and hybrid work employees.

HP is also releasing its data science software stack for Linux workflows in collaboration with Microsoft on the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2.

According to HP, as more people work from home either full or part-time, the need for the correct technologies to keep workplaces connected and protected has become more critical. HP asserts that a remote solutions ecosystem is essential for today’s workforce to ensure employees collaborate fluidly to foster ideas and to make important decisions faster.

“Today’s designers, creators and power users need to access their high-performance compute and workflows from wherever they get work done; location is no longer a limit,” says Jim Nottingham, general manager and global head, advanced compute and solutions, HP Inc.

“Digital services such as workflow-as-a-service and compute-on-demand will shape the way commercial and SMB customers utilize high-performance computing in the future. At HP, we strive to offer the world’s most comprehensive solutions for remote and collaboration with Central and Teradici.”

Designed to tackle graphics and other intensive projects from anywhere, the combination of ZCentral Software and Teradici CAS is said to provide a comprehensive remote compute solution in a single package the company boasts.

Through the use of these solutions HP emphasizes that users will have the flexibility to access the software suite to tackle a range of projects. Teradici CAS offers teams the ability to securely access the cloud and virtual machines, while ZCentral Remote Boost enables access to localized workstation performance. The combination of remote work applications provides access to users from anywhere using most PCs, thin clients, Chromebooks, or tablets, while seamlessly managing remote connections with IT management software.

HP is also working with NVIDIA to combine the power of its Z workstations with Teradici CAS and NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise to offer a platform that enables remote co-creation, real-time simultaneous collaboration, and true-to-reality simulation for design teams. 

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