Maryland Integrator Creates Award-Winning Master Suite Loaded with Hidden Technology

Bedrooms can be simply a place to lay your head after a long day. They can be a comfortable and cozy space to read a book or take an afternoon nap. The owners of this master suite, however, envisioned so much more. 

They saw the roughly 900-square-foot room as the crown jewel of their classic waterfront home and were willing to invest in its design to inspire other activities in the space. Mostly, they wanted the master suite to evoke the look and feel of a luxurious sanctuary meant to be enjoyed for long stretches of time — no napping required. 

A big part of that design objective involved the thoughtful selection and installation of a vast array of smart systems and entertainment components. Well aware of the delicate dance that exists between technology and design, the integration team at Atlantic Control Technologies (ACT) would make sure that the master bedroom tech would not only operate flawlessly but would help evoke the restorative vibe the owners were after. They were extremely successful too, ultimately winning a CE Pro Home of the Year Award for the Best Master Suite.

Understated, if not completely concealed technology, therefore, was a primary initiative of the ACT design and installation team, which outfitted the suite as part of the larger whole-house project. This would be challenging, given that the suite is adorned with huge banks of windows. It’s a great feature for providing the suite with a view and natural light, but left ACT with limited options on where to place displays and other tech. 

Equipment Highlights:

LG displayNexus21 liftRTI controls, interfacesLutron lighting/shade controlSonance speakersSonos amplificationBinary cablingWattbox power conditioner

Another consideration as they began rolling out the home tech plan was the owners’ health issues. All systems would need to be easily managed and enjoyed from the bed. Unification of every subsystem under the aegis of a single control system was paramount and an RTI XP-6s processor was an easy choice for this project. 

The creative application of the suite’s 43-inch LG TV brings new meaning to the phrase, “watching TV in bed.” The display resides comfortably in a custom-built bed frame, raising into view courtesy of a Nexus21 motorized lift. 

The transformation happens at the touch of a button on an RTI T2i remote. The display receives content from cable and Apple TV, part of a video distribution network that ACT deployed throughout the entire house. Audio accompaniment as part of a distributed Sonos system enters the suite through architectural, ceiling-recessed Sonance speakers.

LED Lighting Setup Helps Keep Suite Serene and Peaceful

While not in the suite itself, these LED light fixtures allow the homeowners to set the mood of the space as they see fit. Similar fixtures are found in the master bedroom and in-law suite.

Lighting affects mood, wellness and comfort — all things the owners desired of their master suite. Well-choreographed control over the room’s light fixtures and motorized window treatments, therefore, was paramount.

A Lutron HomeWorks QS system ties the hidden shade motors and recessed fixtures, sconces, LED strips around the ceiling cove, and ceiling fans to the RTI processor, enabling the owners to brighten and darken the room to their preferences from the RTI remote or app. 

In seconds the room can go from being serene and peaceful, with the shades down, soft music on, and lights at an eye-pleasing level to movie-ready with the TV up and in position at the foot of the bed and the lights off. 

The owners of this magnificent master suite needn’t nod off to live the dream of a luxurious lifestyle. Within the privacy of their bedroom and adjoining areas, they can create with the single press of a button an environment that caters to their needs through elegant illumination, amazing AV, and beautifully automated window treatments.

Click here to see more photos of the entire home!

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