Research Shows Consumer Enthusiasm Toward Wellness Technology Remains Highly Positive

It’s no secret that keeping up with the latest trends in technology can give integrators a leg up on the competition, and if a recent report by Healthline Media is any indication, wellness technology is more popular than ever. In fact, Americans can’t get enough of health and wellness innovations according to the company’s recently released The Future of Wellness Special Report

The report dives into all the action going on at the intersection of technology, health and wellbeing, exploring perceptions and adoptions around wellness technology and innovations so integrators and business owners can identify new opportunities within the field.

In general, consumers are predominantly optimistic about the benefits of wellness technologies and innovations according to the consumer responses found within Healthline Media’s research.

For instance:

91% of consumers said innovations could improve people’s quality of life.91% said innovations could illuminate connections between wellness, bodies and minds.79% were inspired by the latest wellness technology research.77% felt as though health innovations fit in well with their lifestyle.68% believed that health innovation are essential for living a holistic life (this rate is significantly higher among millennials.73% said that health technologies and innovations help people practice sustainability (this rate is significantly higher among Black, Asian and Hispanic respondents, as well as Millennials and gen Z).

Those who have had experiences with wellness technology also often rated them as “overwhelmingly positive” (94-95%). Technologies that had the most positive interactions include:

Smart scales (71%)Smart alarm clocks (75%)Fitness trackers (72%)Light therapy for mental health (72%)

How Integrators Can Connect With Those Excited About Wellness Innovation

Also featured in the report are several “gaps” where the interest in new technologies far surpasses the rate of adoption throughout specific demographics. While these numbers are often hard to rely on from a small business standpoint, they can help AV businesses by serving as indicators of which populations are more likely to be receptive to cold calls, online sales pitches, and in-home services.

For example:

52% of Black, Hispanic, or Asian respondents said they consider themselves early adopters of wellness technology, however, adoption rates for many new wellness technologies were much higher amongst white respondents, suggesting opportunities for more inclusive messaging and design that centers on all experiences.69% of respondents said health and wellness technologies are too expensive, yet some of the most consistently highly used and best-known innovations were low-cost solutions like smartphone apps. This highlights an opportunity for dealers and manufacturers to help educate consumers on wellness solutions appropriate to their income bracket.

The Future of Wellness report is now live on Healthline Media’s website. Anyone can download the report for free. This report will be followed by a large-scale consumer program launching on in early 2022, continuing the dialogue with audiences on the evolving state of wellness today, what’s shaping the future, and empowering consumers to actively explore new ways to live healthier.

A version of this article originally appeared on our sister publication DesignWELL365‘s website.

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