Veteran Integrator Relaunches Consumer Lifestyle-Centric Cineluxe Website

Veteran custom integrator John Sciacca, a long-time writer/reviewer for AV and control equipment for many years, has announced the relaunch of Cineluxe, a website devoted entirely to luxury home entertainment. As the new owner, owner/publisher Sciacca along with editor-in-chief Michael Gaughn has done a complete makeover of the site with a renewed emphasis on its original mission statement, which is to avoid the gear-centric focus of other entertainment sites in favor of a lifestyle and experience driven approach better suited to the luxury segment.

“When we examined the entertainment media landscape, we noticed an almost total lack of coverage at the premium end, and the needs and desires of luxury homeowners were largely being ignored,” says Sciacca, who is also a partner in Custom Theater and Audio in Murrells Inlet, S.C. “As an integrator myself, I know these types of clients want premium entertainment experiences, but frequently have no interest in the gear itself. They just want it to work, and work well. And, despite the fact that the most exciting and innovative developments in home entertainment are happening at the luxury level, sales are often lost in this segment not for lack of desire or budget, but due to lack of awareness. That’s one of the many things Cineluxe will continue to address.”

To emphasize the experiential aspect of ultra-high-end home entertainment, Cineluxe’s new design promises to be an experience in itself with a style that evokes the digital equivalent of an elegant coffee-table book.

“My hope is that visitors immediately get what the publication is about before they even read a single word,” says Gaughn, who spent years as a writer at several industry publications. “And I want them to walk away with a better sense of why this category is so exciting, of the sorts of experiences that are possible with today’s most innovative technology, and of all the creative, elegant ways this can be integrated into their homes and their lives.”

To that end, the new Cineluxe will feature an increased focus on the collaborative aspect of luxury home-entertainment design and installation—the partnership between homeowners, integrators, calibrators, designers, decorators, architects, and developers who specialize in incorporating entertainment and automation into their work.

Other key elements of the relaunch and redesign include:

New departments designed to give readers a basic, non-technical understanding of what goes into creating a no-compromise home entertainment experience.

A reinvigorated dedication to curating the movies, music, games, and other media most worth experiencing in a luxury home-entertainment space.

An expanded staff of writers who understand the premium entertainment market and know how to explain it to others without relying on jargon or tech.

The Cineluxe team will also be engaging with the principal professionals, companies, and associations in the luxury category to ensure that its coverage is both comprehensive and representative.

“Mike and I have some great things planned,” Sciacca adds, “and we can’t wait for readers to come take a look!”

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